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[Osaka ]Seven notable shopping streets in Osaka, one of Japan's largest cities!

[Osaka ]Seven notable shopping streets in Osaka, one of Japan's largest cities!

2021-07-07 Management office

Hello. In this article, I would like to recommend seven shopping streets in Osaka Prefecture. Osaka Prefecture is one of the largest cities in Japan, but there are still many charming shopping streets that retain their old-fashioned atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a meal or something to shop for, we hope you will enjoy your visit to Osaka and create wonderful memories in the shopping streets.
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Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Arcade

The first one I would like to introduce is Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Arcade. This is known as the longest shopping street in Japan and is one of the largest shopping streets in Japan. Along the way, there are many delicious restaurants and shopping facilities, making it a shopping street that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to the elderly. It is really long and has a variety of stores inside, so you can stay for a long time without getting bored. It is also a shopping street where you can feel Osaka's old-fashioned humanity, warmth, and a bit of retro atmosphere, so we recommend it when you come to Osaka for sightseeing.

Mutual Shotei and Osaka Temmangu Shrine! Easy access from Umeda

The shopping district is not only for shopping and dining, but is also home to some of Japan's most famous tourist attractions, including the mecca of rakugo (comic storytelling), Miki Choshotei, and Osaka Tenmangu Shrine, which enshrines the god of learning. The Moshotei is a mecca for rakugo, the forefront of Kamigata (Kansai) performing arts, and is a coveted destination for all fans of rakugo. Osaka Tenmangu Shrine is also popular throughout the year, attracting many visitors, especially students preparing for entrance exams, who come to pay their first visit to the shrine on Hatsumode or to pay their respects. For those who come to Osaka for sightseeing, it is an absolute must-see. It is also accessible on foot from Umeda, making it an ideal destination for those who wish to enjoy sightseeing on foot at a leisurely pace.

Nakasaki-dori Shopping Street

This Nakasaki-dori shopping street is a stone's throw from the Tenjinbashisuji shopping street mentioned earlier. This shopping street is attracting attention for its more secluded and deep Osaka atmosphere, and has become especially popular over the past few years. Its retro atmosphere and old-fashioned humanity are especially attracting the attention of young people, and it is often visited by young people who like second-hand clothes and antiques. And for such young people, "Insta-Enjoy "is also working energetically on its business, making it a wonderful space that is easily accessible to young people and women alike.

Waiwai and old-fashioned warm atmosphere! Many restaurants are famous for their cuisine!

The Nakasaki-dori shopping street has a wai-wai and warm atmosphere, allowing you to experience the old-fashioned, humane Osaka. The wholesale market for vegetables, fish, and meat is well-loved by locals, as it is an easy way to procure fresh ingredients. For tourists, there are also products available for eating and walking, which can be enjoyed as well. There is also a good selection of restaurants and eateries, including some of Osaka's best-known and most popular ramen stores and izakayas (Japanese-style pubs). In addition, there are cafes that serve dishes based on sweet potatoes, a recent effort aimed at young people. We hope that you will fully experience the quirky, yet retro and fashionable atmosphere.

Kuromen Market

Kuromon Ichiba is a well-known shopping street on the border of Nihonbashi and Namba. It is one of the most popular shopping streets in Osaka, and is well known by tourists, foreign visitors to Japan, and locals alike for its friendly atmosphere and lively atmosphere. "The large red lantern with "Kuromon "" written on it is impressive and has a unique world view that makes you feel as if you have come to another world when you visit from the Nihonbashi area. Such a wonderful space is mainly used for wholesale of foodstuffs, etc., and has become an indispensable part of local people's lives. There are also many slightly extravagant restaurants and other stores that bring tourists to dine with them.

You can feel the local climate and the at-home atmosphere.

As mentioned earlier, this shopping arcade is a homey shopping arcade where you can also feel the temperament and climate of the local people. Many people may have an image of Namba or Nihonbashi as an urban area that caters to tourists. However, this place is very comfortable in that you can feel the life of the locals even though it is located near there. It is easily accessible from the center of the city, making it a must-visit spot when sightseeing in Osaka.

Jean Jean Alley (nickname for Osaka)

Janjan Yokocho is a shopping street located right in the middle of the Tsutenkaku/Tennoji area. It is very easy to access from major sightseeing spots and cities in Osaka, so it is a must-visit spot when you are sightseeing in Osaka. Janjan Yokocho is a great spot where you can experience the retro Showa-era Osaka and the homely and friendly "image of Osaka ". In this sense, we especially recommend this shopping street to tourists.

The epicenter of deep retro Osaka! Come and visit when you are sightseeing!

This Janjan Yokocho has many deep, standing bars. "There are also many friendly and amiable adults who are the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name of an old man "in Osaka, and having a meal there will be an irreplaceable memory for you. And. The restaurant is very cozy and homey, and you will have a unique experience here. The view of Tsutenkaku Tower while enjoying your meal is truly sublime, and you will be able to experience Osaka-ism to the fullest.
In the shopping arcade, there is also a game center with many retro games that were popular in the Showa period (1926-1989). "There are many nostalgic games for the adult generation, such as Makai-mura "and "Street Fighter ". Parents and children can enjoy playing games together, which will surely bring the excitement between the generations, and children can have a fun time in a keynote setting as well. All in all, this is a shopping district that can be enjoyed by both adults and children, and is recommended for families.

Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Street

Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Arcade is probably the first shopping street that comes to mind when one hears the word "Osaka. It is a shopping street that is a staple in video games and TV programs, and has become a typical tourist attraction in Osaka. It is a must-visit shopping street when sightseeing, and is a popular and exciting spot for all ages and genders.

The face of Osaka! Glico and Kuidaore too!

As mentioned earlier, the Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Center is the face of Osaka. Many people's conceptions of Osaka, such as Kuidaore and Glico, are concentrated here. There are many places to eat, and no matter which restaurant you choose, you can enjoy Osaka's specialties, making it a very attractive shopping area. It is also a shopping district with a very good selection of clothing stores, making it a great place for young people to do their shopping. It is also a recommended shopping spot that satisfies a wide range of customers, from well-known franchise stores to high-end brand-name clothing stores. And there are also stores that change currency, making it a safe place for foreign visitors to Japan. It is a shopping district synonymous with Osaka that can meet the needs of many people.

Doguya-suji Shopping Street

The Doguya-suji shopping arcade is a somewhat special shopping arcade located at the junction of the Namba and Nihonbashi areas of Osaka. "Many of the other shopping malls we have introduced so far specialize in restaurants and food "and food ", but this shopping mall, as the name "implies, is a shopping mall that sells somewhat unusual tools and other items centered on "tools ". It is worth a visit for the very unique and one-of-a-kind space that you can only experience here. It is easily accessible from Osaka's famous sightseeing spots such as Namba Grand kagetsu and Namba Parks, so please visit it when you come to Osaka.

There are many interesting and cute tools that can only be found here!

The tools sold in the Doguya-suji Shopping Arcade are rich in variety and include a variety of old-fashioned deep sundries and practical goods. From practical items for home use such as tableware and housekeeping supplies to a large selection of commercial products such as goodwill, signboards, and food samples. Although these are for commercial use, it is surprisingly difficult to find a place to buy them. If you are a store owner, you can use them to equip your store. Also, if you have deep taste, you can buy miscellaneous goods that you can rarely find elsewhere, which will further improve the stylishness of your room. There are also some hideaway restaurants for you to visit.


Korea Town is a shopping district specializing in Korea, located not far from the Tsuruhashi area. It is one of the largest Korean shopping streets in Japan, where you can spend money on Korean foods, Korean restaurants, Korean fashion, Korean sundries, and other Korean goods. With the recent unprecedented Korean boom, there are probably many young people and women who love such things. Korea Town is the place where their dreams and aspirations come true.

Very popular among young people! Osaka's only Korean shopping street!

Korean shopping malls are prominent in Japan as a whole, but it is no exaggeration to say that there is only one and only one shopping mall in Osaka that is this large. Even on weekdays, it is bustling with young people, and there is always a happy atmosphere. Many of the stores are designed with an awareness of Korea, and being in Korea Town gives the illusion that you are traveling to Korea. In a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to travel abroad, why not experience an exotic atmosphere in Korea Town?


Thank you for reading this far. Osaka is one of the largest cities in Japan, and as such, has a wide variety of shopping arcades. There are many different characteristics, so we hope that you will have a pleasant time at a shopping district that suits your taste and hobby.

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