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  • Osaka Prefecture is the second largest metropolis after Tokyo, and is visited by people from all over the country. The variety of tourist resources that attract so many visitors and the large number of residents have fostered a unique culture of Kansai dialect, cuisine, climate, and personality, making it an extremely attractive and unique place to live. In keeping with its large scale, various masterpieces are also set in the area. There were also many characters whose characters have been built primarily on their impressive Kansai dialect. Enjoy an enjoyable sightseeing tour in Osaka, the spiritual home of many people.

    2023-07-31 Management office

  • Nihonbashi and Ota Road have become a sacred place for anime fans representing western Japan. It follows the same lineage as Akihabara in that it once flourished as an electric town and then as a radio town with goods and related products such as various anime works, manga, and games. For otaku living in western Japan and the Kansai region, it is truly a key point of interest. In this article, we will introduce its charms.

    2023-04-17 Management office

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