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  • ▲See the townscape of Kishiwada castle town form a rickshaw Dress up in authentic Japanese kimono, get on a rickshaw and enjoy the castle town rich with history and a stunning Japanese garden. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity you might not want to miss out on. Have you ever heard about Kishiwada castle town, located just 16 minutes by train from the Kansai International Airport? With how easy it is to get there, it is the perfect place for a hassle-free yet luxurious Japanese culture experience. Greetings from the Deep Experience Editorial Team. We heard that photo tours where you walk around the historical castle town dressed in authentic expensive kimonos, accompanied by a professional photographer are the latest boom among foreign visitors, so we decided to go out and report on this latest trend. Join us for a luxurious reservations-only Japanese culture experience. Let the journey begin!

    2023-12-15 Management office

  • The best way to choose a course for your trip to Osaka! Here are the must-see sightseeing spots by area in an easy-to-understand format. From classic spots to shopping information, we have compiled useful information essential for your trip to Osaka.

    2022-07-12 Management office

  • Introducing convenient and economical e-tickets that offer free admission to more than 25 popular tourist spots in Osaka with a single QR code.

    2021-07-21 Management office

  • Recently it’s getting warmer and warmer - an undeniable sign that summer is coming. This marks the second summer since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Before the outbreak we would be considering what country to go to for our summer holidays at this point, but with the pandemic our eyes turn naturally to travel within Japan. For ages Osaka has been one of the top go-to spots for domestic tourism, whether for the theme parks and entertainment, or for the incredible food. However nowadays there are more and more people who seek out activities that they can enjoy whilst avoiding crowded places. That’s where the SUP (Stand Up Paddle) comes in. Popular on its own even before the pandemic, the boards are really easy to ride making the experience an excellent choice for all age ranges. In the following article we would like to introduce to you the 3 top SUP activities in Osaka that you can enjoy even amidst the pandemic.

    2021-06-16 Management office

  • In this article we would like to introduce you to the top 5 activities in Osaka that even the youngest travelers can enjoy to the fullest! We have prepared a range of indoor activities like workshops not just for the rainy day, but also amazing and fun outdoor activities out in the nature. These are our top picks for an unforgettable day with the family and we hope they will come in handy on your visit to Osaka!

    2021-05-10 Management office

  • Osaka is known as the “Kitchen of the Emperor” and renowned for excellent food it offer a lot of everybody, whether young or old, families, groups, or single travelers. But it’s not famous just for food, but also for its close ties to water as a transportation and maritime hub. In this special edition we will introduce you to a very particular activity typical for Osaka - cruising.

    2021-02-25 Management office

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