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【Osaka】Special feature: Activities that you can enjoy in summer despite Covid-19! Have a blast on either the sea or rivers of Osaka with the SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Experience or SUP Yoga Experience!

【Osaka】Special feature: Activities that you can enjoy in summer despite Covid-19! Have a blast on either the sea or rivers of Osaka with the SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Experience or SUP Yoga Experience!

2021-06-16 Management office

Recently it’s getting warmer and warmer - an undeniable sign that summer is coming. This marks the second summer since the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. Before the outbreak we would be considering what country to go to for our summer holidays at this point, but with the pandemic our eyes turn naturally to travel within Japan. For ages Osaka has been one of the top go-to spots for domestic tourism, whether for the theme parks and entertainment, or for the incredible food. However nowadays there are more and more people who seek out activities that they can enjoy whilst avoiding crowded places. That’s where the SUP (Stand Up Paddle) comes in. Popular on its own even before the pandemic, the boards are really easy to ride making the experience an excellent choice for all age ranges. In the following article we would like to introduce to you the 3 top SUP activities in Osaka that you can enjoy even amidst the pandemic.

What’s SUP?

SUP stands for “Stand Up Paddle” and it originates from Hawaii. Whilst standing, you row a special surf-like board with a paddle. Fishing, surfing, and even Yoga are also popular ways to enjoy the SUP!

Unique and extraordinary - SUP Yoga Experience on the sea

SUP Yoga is a combination of Yoga and SUPs that lets you enjoy both on the sea surface. It is extremely effective in training your core muscles and great for overall fitness, since extra focus and effort is needed to keep your balance as the SUP sways with the waves. The fresh sea breeze and natural scenery are also more refreshing and relaxing than a stuffy gym.

Yoga first-timers and non-swimmers OK!

During the activity you will have life jackets on at all times, so it’s ok even if you fall from the board. Of course, Yoga beginners are more than welcome!

  • Recharge with a not-so-ordinary walk on the beach!

    Outside of City South(Sakai, Kishiwada, Kansai Airport)

    Recommended for couplesSmall GroupMarine SportAt the BeachOut of the OrdinaryAvoid the 3 CsRelaxingNature

River SUP Experience: Brave the river flowing through central Osaka

When it comes to SUP first thing that comes to mind is the sea. However SUPs can be enjoyed just as much on the rivers as well! Since the waves don’t sway you as much as out on the open sea, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in a more relaxed fashion.

Learn SUP from the basics

For first-timers there is also a workshop available on dry land. Here you are taught everything you need to know about using SUPs like how to properly use the paddle and more, great for those who really want to learn. Merely standing on the SUP and practicing paddling is quite the exercise, so if you feel like you could use some, or if you just want to work on your health a bit this class might be just the right thing for you. Individual participants are also very welcome!

Great way to start the day!

Make the best of your time with the early morning SUP experience! Once you’ve reached a comfortable level of proficiency you can make use of the SUP board rental service and start your busy work day in style - with a dose of healthy, unique and increasingly popular exercise!

Water Walk Marukata SUP Tour Dotonbori Course

Water sampo is a popular activity in which you ride a stand-up paddle (commonly known as SUP) to view and discover the sights of the city from the water! Many people think of SUP as an ocean activity, but in fact, river SUP has as many attractions as the ocean!

Very popular! Dotonbori Course

The course will start from Beta Honmachi Bridge, pass through the Toyokobori River, through the Dotonbori River where Osaka's popular tourist spot Dotonbori and the Glico sign are located, and arrive at the terminal at the Minatomachi Pier. Guides who are well versed in the field will lead the tour, so you can enjoy the waterfront walk with peace of mind.

Dotonbori, a popular tourist destination

▽ You can also see the elevated view that you don't usually see!

It feels great to cool your feet in the river waters to stave off a bit of the crazy summer heat. The unusual SUP experience is a very refreshing activity especially for those who are tired of staying at home during the pandemic.

  • SUP Guided Tour - Dotonbori Course

    Osaka City Minami Area(Shinsaibashi, Namba, Nipponbashi)

    Recommended for familiesRecommended for couplesSmall GroupTraveling with the GirlsTrip with the GuysTo Make MemoriesCharterOn the RiverOutdoor ActivitiesOut of the OrdinaryIncludes GuideNature

In closing

As the rainy season ends and the hot summer draws near, how about embarking on a unique, refreshing journey? Whether with family, friends, or your significant other the SUP activities we brought you in this special feature can be safely enjoyed by any and all!

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