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Enjoy two different types of carbonated hot springs in the middle of the city, only at Naniwa no Yu!

Enjoy two different types of carbonated hot springs in the middle of the city, only at Naniwa no Yu!

2021-07-28 Management office

Basic Information

Natural Hot Springs Naniwa no Yu is an exclusive public bathhouse located on the 8th, uppermost floor of its building. The building itself is a bit unique, as it consists of only parking floors with a total parking space capacity of 600 cars, except for the top and bottom floors. Parking is free for up to 6 hours for customers visiting either the Naniwa no Yu baths, or the AMORE Tenjinbashi store located on the ground floor.
The natural waters are drawn from the subterranean levels up to the open air baths on the 8th floor, so you can enjoy a bath under the starry sky - not unlike a true oasis, hidden among the steel and concrete of the city. Here you can choose from two types of carbonated baths, the natural hot springs and the artificially enriched hot springs, each with a different set of properties and benefits for your skin and body. The carbon rich waters are believed to offer a host of beneficial effects on your body, including fatigue relief and skin rejuvenation, making them popular by visitors of all age ranges. The open air outdoor bath uses 100% natural water, whereas the indoor bath uses exclusively enriched water. Apart from these two hot spring baths the venue offers a wide range of other facilities, including various types of saunas and baths, massage and wellness services and even barber services all under one roof for your convenience and a relaxing experience. The bath house is open until 1AM so you can spend the whole day with wellness and relaxation as if you were in a luxurious resort.

Hot Springs in the city center!

The natural waters are drawn from a depth of 659m all the way to the 8th floor. Due to the excellent properties of the water, the baths are also known locally as “beauty baths”.
Despite being located in the center of the city, the open air outdoor bath makes you feel as if you are in an exotic resort hotel. The carbonated natural waters not only improve circulation, but also cleanse the pores of the skin making your skin silky smooth. After you’ve enjoyed the main bath leisure about in the private pot baths, massage your muscles on a specially designed bath floor of lie-down baths or blow away your fatigue in the sitting baths focusing mainly on the legs, feet and lower back area. Or lounge about in the jet stream bath as the streams of bubbles massage all your muscles, improving circulation and rejuvenating you at the same time. There are both hot and cold baths available, as well as a wide range of saunas but nothing beats the one of a kind sensation of enjoying the outdoor bath beneath a starry sky. If you are fortunate enough, you may even witness passenger planes flying overhead - an experience that is indeed truly rare.

Excellent saunas!

One thing that Naniwa no Yu can proudly boast about are the excellent saunas it offers. First of all, the ladies can enjoy the special infrared sauna designed in a stair-like shape, where you can lean on the respective stairs. Depending on what spot you lean on, the temperature heating your lower back changes, therefore you are sure to find the spot that suits you just right.
Then there’s the salt sauna with a large vessel full of natural salts, excellent for a light peeling treatment that will clean your skin of all debris and metabolic waste products leaving your skin rejuvenated and perfectly smooth. After you have enjoyed the salt sauna it is a common practice and good manners to wash and rinse the salts for use by the next person.
Next up is the steam sauna, with the temperature and humidity just right to make you sweat and deeply cleanse the pores of your skin.
There are also saunas for the gentlemen, like the wide and spacious tower sauna, excellent for larger groups as well. After you have enjoyed the saunas you can dip into the cold water bath for a quick cooldown. For all sauna aficionados we can’t recommend this hot spring spa enough!

Get rid of all the lingering fatigue and refresh yourself completely!

At the massage and wellness parlor “Maido” you can enjoy a variety of relaxation techniques and massages. The full body care menu includes a professional massage from head to toe. There are multiple options and the courses are divided by their length, however the longer the course the better the deal! Where a 20 minute course costs 2000 JPY, a 90 minute course costs only 7800 JPY!
If you are looking for something different and unusual, there is also the Edo Style massage option available. This involves the masseur using their feet and body weight to massage those stubborn muscle knots. Alternatively you can opt for having your body stretched and muscles loosened by a proper Thai massage. As per request, various stretches can be incorporated into your experience like stretches for stiff neck and shoulders or pelvis.
Whether aromatherapy, face massaging or peeling and exfoliation there is a wide range of services available for your enjoyment and relaxation.
There is even a barber shop available, offering not only haircuts but also depilation for the ladies and more. Spoil yourself with the best treatment head to toe or just lounge about on the massage chairs in the break area, the choice is yours.

Excellent restaurants

The restaurants in Naniwa no Yu are popular among the locals and have a stable regular customer base as they can also be entered on their own.
On the ground floor of the building you can find the grilled meat bar Rien, a great stop before heading up to the spa. Whether a light lunch menu or a proper grilled meat course, the restaurant has a wide selection of options including Wagyu Japanese beef, ensuring high satisfaction of its customers.
The Japanese style restaurant Yuushokuya located on the same floor as the spa offers a more traditional selection of dishes, including sukiyaki and nabe hotpots, udon, soba, sushi, fried treats and even desserts.
Alternatively you can opt for something smaller and lighter at the Hanaichiban food court, including ice cream and shaved ice - just perfect after a bath in the hot springs. There are also alcoholic beverages available, faithfully recreating the nostalgic feeling of Japanese public baths. Have a nice meal and a drink, a dip in the hot springs followed by a massage, it does not get any better than this.

Various events

To attract both new and old customers every day Naniwa no Yu organizes various events on a daily basis. For example on the “Dice Days” the customers get to throw dice and depending on the outcome are rewarded with various prizes and special treats, including discount vouchers, free entries or access to special saunas using medicinal herbs and aromas. These vary with each day so no two days are alike. With a wide range of various aromas it is already fun to just enjoy and compare.
On select days the waters of the hot spring baths are infused with flowers or medicinal herbs adding yet another layer of enjoyment to your bathing experience. There are also days on which the spa opens as early as 8 in the morning, letting you start the day with a refreshing morning bath. It doesn't matter whether in a group as an individual, with your family, friends or that special someone, Naniwa no Yu is a spa that everyone can enjoy.
There is a point system in place with some days awarding more points than others, however as it comes with special privileges we highly recommend participating in the point system to all those who would like to visit this spa more than once.

Fun for the whole family

The whole facility is very children-friendly, with designated spaces for strollers and prams, complementary rental bathing chairs for children, but also paper diapers available for a small fee. There are also dining rooms with floor sitting, an excellent choice for families with children to relax and enjoy a leisurely family meal. We highly recommend this venue especially to families who would like to kick back and relax with their kids for a bit after a day of sightseeing in the busy Osaka metropolis.

In the vicinity

Near the Naniwa no Yu spa you can find a rich assortment of excellent sweets shops and patisseries, like the famous Rikuro-ojisan-no-mise cheesecake shop with a whole fluffy wobbly cheesecake for a mere 735 yen, or the Patisserie Alcyon with a wide range of highly praised, unique and artistic cakes and desserts.
A brisk 15 minute walk will take you to Tenjinbashi-suji, the longest shopping arcade in Japan. With a total length of 2.6km it is home to over 600 stores and shops. At the Kids Plaza Osaka even the youngest visitors can enjoy a wide variety of playgrounds and workshops for hours on end. Approximately 1.7km from the venue you can find the HEP FIVE Ferris Wheel, a popular landmark of Osaka and the first giant Ferris wheel to be fused directly with a building. HEP FIVE itself is a large-scale polyfunctional shopping mall featuring countless focused on apparel and fashion, cosmetics and daily necessities, but also restaurants, cafes and more.

<Venue Information>

Venue Name: Natural Hotsprings Naniwa no Yu
Business Hours: 10:00 - 1:00 8:00 - 1:00 on Saturdays and Sundays
Regular Closing Days: None
Phone Number: 06-6882-4126
Address: 〒531-0061 Osaka, Kita Ward, Nagaranishi 1-choume 7-31
Access: By train - 8 minutes from the Tenjinbashi-suji Roku-cho-me Station on the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line, Tanimachi Line, Hankyu Senri Line.
By bus - bus no. 34 form the 9th platform at the JR Osaka/Umeda Station. Get off at the Nagaranishi bus stop.
By car - Approximately 2km from the Nagara exit of the Hanshin Expressway No. 12 Moriguchi Line, along the prefectural road Shirokita Koen-dori.

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