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GLION MUSEUM - romance and nostalgia of vintage cars

GLION MUSEUM - romance and nostalgia of vintage cars

2021-08-03 Management office

Basic Information

GLION is a museum pretty much every guy out there dreams of. It is dedicated to classic cars and features a wide collection of both domestic and foreign vintage cars. The museum itself is a repurposed 100 year old warehouse built with red bricks, adding an extra layer of atmosphere to it. To top it off, there is an excellent steakhouse here, along with a cafe, a restaurant specializing in French cuisine and even a wedding hall. But it goes without saying that the main feature is the impressive collection of over 250 cars from various eras. Some of the cars are even available for purchase! Famous classics such as the Rolls-Royce and TOYOTA 2000GT are all in working order, providing a highly valuable experience.
Perhaps even if you are not a car enthusiast, the mere sight of these famous works of automotive genius will make your heart skip a beat! It comes as no surprise that the museum is actually a popular date spot as well, especially for adult couples. The romantic red brick design and a cozy cafe, or exquisite French cuisine guarantee that both of you will go home satisfied. For a limited time the Akarenga Live Kitchen event is held, combining an all-you-can-eat Akarenga Live Kitchen with the view of the cars. Those interested in giving it a shot should check the official website!

Romance and nostalgia

There are over 250 classic cars on display on the huge premises of GLION MUSEUM both indoors and outdoors. The red brick warehouse buildings will make you feel as if you were in a different time and place, definitely not the Japan of the 21st century. It truly feels like you were spirited away into a foreign city in the 1920's or perhaps a movie shoot. No wonder the museum is quite popular among couples as a romantic date spot.
That said, the sheer amount of classic cars in perfect condition on display is a sight out of this world. Apart from the display of the exhibits, there is also a showroom with cars for sale.
The museum also has an exhibit detailing the history of the automotive industry, from horse-drawn carriages to the latest racing cars. There are only a few places in the world where you can see such a large number of gorgeous cars on display, so we would like to highly recommend visiting the museum and not just to car lovers.
It is actually also possible to hold a wedding ceremony here, a special day with that special someone in a very special environment indeed. However please note that touching or taking pictures of classic cars is prohibited throughout the museum.

Vintage cars and steaks, match made in (not just) man-heaven

The steakhouse in the museum offers a chance to enjoy a delicious steak along with the impressive view of the vintage cars. The full course menu will cost you approximately 11000 JPY, however it includes a home-made cheese bread, appetizers, soup, specially selected steak of the day, dessert and a coffee - a great choice of a special meal for a special day.
There are as many courses as there are steak types here, from simple to rather luxurious at 26,400 JPY. Of course apart from meal courses individual menu items are available as well. Apart from the steaks we highly recommend the special cheese bread. Steaks start at 6600 JPY per 250g steak and use USDA certified Premium Beef, all charcoal grilled.
The desserts are also very special, with performances such as dessert flambé and seasonal fruit plates. The Caesar salad and dessert flambé, prepared right next to your table, are a great way to enjoy a delicious steak in the classic atmosphere of the GLION MUSEUM. Please note that a 10% service charge will be added to your bill.

Vintage cars and luxurious lunch

The French cuisine restaurant “LA VIE 1923” offers a special menu of wagyu beef, lobster and creative French cuisine. Only the freshest lobster caught on the very same day is served at this restaurant. Other menu items include foie gras with truffle perigueux sauce and A4 Kuroge Wagyu Japanese beef. A variety of courses are available, however the “proposal plan” is absolutely unique as the restaurant will not only create a one-of-a-kind course meal for you (after a consultation in advance), but they will also help you propose using the classic car museum. After the meal, a limousine will take you to Osaka Port Station, making your loved one feel like a real princess. For those who would like to enjoy the limousine part without proposing, there is also an option to rent the limousine only.
Since it is not allowed to touch or take pictures of the cars at the museum, this limousine course offers a unique and rare opportunity to enjoy a ride in one of them. For those seeking something really special, there is the so called “Sky Cruise” course that allows you to experience French cuisine and a helicopter, or a course that includes a whole cake and a bouquet of flowers. There is also an easy lunch course, which is limited to four people per day on weekdays, but you can have a lunch course at LA VIE 1923 for 3,850 yen. Other options include a pasta lunch with a choice of 1,980 yen, a steak lunch for 3,080 yen, and more.

Weddings also possible

All of these spaces can also be used for weddings.
The unique atmosphere of the museum, limousine transportation, variety of top quality steaks and delicious food, as well as dresses from famous dress stores such as Yumi Katsura are all at your disposal to make sure your special day is truly special.
Whether you are planning a wedding for just the two of you, a family wedding, or a wedding for a large group of people, the wedding planners will work with you to make your dream day come true.
Weddings can be held at the LA VIE 1923, the museum, or even the garage, allowing you to create a plan that is perhaps less conventional, but all the more memorable. The acoustics are also excellent, courtesy of the high ceiling - perfect for a live performance. The time of the wedding can also be freely decided, whether during the day, at sunset or even at night, the choice is yours. With the unique atmosphere and high degree of customization, you can make your wedding feel like a classic Hollywood movie, starring you and your loved one as you drive off into the sunset!

In the vicinity

GLION MUSEUM is located near the ocean, with Kaiyukan and the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel in the vicinity. Kaiyukan, located in Tempozan Harbor Village, is one of the world's largest aquariums, with an unprecedentedly large water tank containing 30,000 sea creatures of 620 species. The aquarium has many attractions for people of all ages, such as whale sharks, jellyfish, a petting area where you can actually pet some of the marine wildlife and more. .
Tempozan Harbor Village, where the Kaiyukan is located, also features a Ferris wheel and Tempozan Marketplace. The Ferris wheel is illuminated at night and is quite an impressive sight to behold. At Tempozan Marketplace, you can find many stores and a food court but also the Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho, a gourmet alley designed in the fashion of Osaka in the 1960’s where you can enjoy the most iconic foods of Osaka.
LEGOLAND Discovery Center Osaka can also be found here in the Harbor Village and offers a variety of attractions related to Legos, like special Lego classes, rides and even a Lego themed cafe.
The Santa Maria, an Osaka Port sailboat sightseeing ship, departs from the west end of Kaiyukan Aquarium and takes you around the sights of the Osaka Bay area. The ship is a replica of Columbus' flagship, the Santa Maria, and offers an adventurous 60-minute boat ride. You can enjoy daytime, sunset, and night cruises. Located at the same wharf, the Captain Line is a ferry boat that directly connects Kaiyukan to Universal Studios Japan, taking about 10 minutes.

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Business Hours: Mon-Fri 11:00 - 20:00  Sat+Sun+Holidays 10:00 - 20:00 (may differ due circumstances)
Regular Closing Days: Mondays (Tuesdays in case Monday is a public holiday)
Phone Number: 06-6573-3007
Address: 〒552-0022  Osaka, Minato Ward, Kaigandori 2-chome 6-39
Access: 5 minutes from the Osaka-Minato subway station
By car - 3 minutes from the Tempozan JCT on the Hanshin Expressway

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