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Unleash your inner child at the Legoland Discovery Center Osaka

Unleash your inner child at the Legoland Discovery Center Osaka

2021-08-06 Management office

Basic Information

The Legoland Discovery Center Osaka is located on the 3rd floor of the Tempozan Market in the Osaka Bay Area. It features a diorama of Osaka built with over a million Lego pieces, a 4D cinema where you can enjoy short Lego movies, and even a racing course where you can build and test your own Lego race car. Furthermore, you can attend a Lego workshop, tour a Lego block factory, or enjoy the many Lego creations decorating the center. There is even a Duplo playground for the youngest visitors available. Other attractions include shooting games like Kingdom Quest, Merlin's Apprentice and many more. The center also often hosts various events both for the young and for the adults. The Lego-themed cafe is also quite popular, with many menu items like burgers and fries actually shaped like Lego blocks. There are also original designer Lego bottles on sale at the cafe, a great souvenir option. The Lego shop sells a wide range of goods including countless lego sets and pieces, but if you are looking for something special then the lego piece keychains engraved with your name available only here are a sure bet. With its many attractions, Legoland Discovery Center Osaka is a popular destination for both kids and Lego fans alike.

Exciting attractions

At the Legoland Discovery Center Osaka you don’t get to just look at the dioramas and pieces of art, you can also try your hand at many interesting attractions. Put on a pair of special 3D glasses and embark on an adventure at the Legoland 4D Cinema.
Hop on the Merlin’s Apprentice merry-go-round ride, where the more you pedal the higher you rise. Or become a racer for a moment at the Great Lego Race course.
Join the Lego Factory Tour and see how the Lego blocks are made, or make use of the many entertainment zones and play with Legos and Duplos to your heart's content.
At the Build & Test zone you can make your very own, original car and even let it go on a test drive. Depending on the day, there are occasions where you can pit your creation against other visitors, making this one of the most popular attractions especially among boys. If you enroll into the Smart Builders Academy you can learn and actually try out various secret building techniques, taught to you by the friendly staff of Lego experts.
The Lego City Playzone is a great choice for the younger children, with big blocks and slides to enjoy.

Lego themed cafe

The Lego themed cafe is a must for all visitors to the Lego Center. A lot of the popular items on its menu are lego themed or lego shaped. For example the popular boxed lunch sets include juices, rice balls, yogurts, cookies and other foods popular with kids, neatly packed in a lego-shaped lunch box that you can keep! Beverages like teas and coffees come with Lego figures and even the hamburgers and fries are Lego shapes as well! There is also a special hypoallergenic menu available, so kids with dietary restrictions and sensitivities can enjoy a nice meal as well. For the adults there is a wide selection of meals, including pasta with meat sauce, teriyaki or loco moco rice bowls and more. There are also special items on sale, like original mugs and bottles that are not available anywhere else. Even though there are two Lego Discovery Centers in Japan, the Tokyo Center does not come with a cafe so the Osaka Lego Cafe is truly unique and a one of a kind experience.

Lego shop

The Lego shop at the end of the Lego Discovery Center is truly one of its main highlights.
Pretty much everything Lego related is on sale here, for example if you want to replace that one important piece of your favorite set that got lost somewhere somehow, here you can do so! Individual Lego pieces are available for purchase per weight, with 1 gram costing approximately 10 yen. The selection is incredible, including rather unique and peculiar pieces as well.
Even the time limited BrickHeadz that you perhaps wanted but might have missed out on are here, with the selection varying slightly depending on the season. Pedestals, roads and other unique and hard to get pieces are also available. For the adults the CREATOR attraction is an excellent choice! You can take back home more than just fond memories, for example only at the Lego Discovery Center can you get your very own Lego keychain inscribed with your name or logo! The Lego pieces come in a wide variety of colors, so you can customize them to fit your personal preferences. Since the keychain is exactly the same design as a Lego piece, it can be used in your builds to give them a special, personal touch.
Alternatively you can attach them to your bag or backpack as a lucky charm, since the sturdy Lego can sure take a beating. All of us who know the pain of chipped fingernails when attempting to take apart two particularly stubbornly stuck pieces of Lego will surely appreciate the special Lego separator keychain, also on sale at the shop. Truly a paradise for Lego fans, the shop offers pretty much everything Lego related that you could desire.
For example the more adult Lego fans might appreciate a wide range of Lego themed stationery to brighten their work days.

Exciting and fun workshops

The workshops held at the Lego Discovery Center are also highly recommended. The Master Builder Academy offers an excellent opportunity to learn unique and hidden ways to put together and use Lego blocks, all taught by the friendly and knowledgeable Lego expert staff. It is a great opportunity to take your Lego building skills and knowledge to a whole new level and we cannot recommend it enough! The theme and details of the workshop might change depending on the season, but no matter the season the workshop is quite popular with the visitors. If you attend the workshop after the tour of the Lego factory where you saw how Lego blocks are built you might enjoy the experience quite a bit more than usual.
At the Build & Test area you can use the many Lago car parts to create your very own race car and then compete against the clock at the provided race course. Of course you can compete not just against the clock but also against the creations of other visitors. With minor adjustments the speed and acceleration change drastically, so it is very important to carefully think about where the center of mass should be placed.
At the designated play zone kids can burn off a bit of energy on slides and other equipment.
All in all the workshops offer a great chance and a rare opportunity to up your ante in Lego building, so we can’t recommend them enough.

In the vicinity

The Legoland Discovery Center Osaka is located on the 3rd floor of the Tempozan Marketplace. Its name is derived from Mt Tempo located in the Tempozan Park, the lowest officially recognized mountain in Japan with just 4.3 meters in height. It is an artificial man-made mountain and so is the surrounding park area, renowned for its rose garden and a variety of seasonal flowers.
The Tempozan Ferris Wheel is 112m tall and offers an excellent view of the Osaka Bay Area.
Next to the market you can find the Kaiyukan - Osaka City Aquarium, with a broad selection of exotic fish and marine life on display. There are special nightly events held here with special illumination and background music, creating an almost magical atmosphere. Just west of the aquarium you can find the boarding point for the Captain Liner cruise boat that sails between Tempozan and the Universal Studios Japan in mere 10 minutes. USJ being an extremely popular, one of a kind spot in Japan, it attracts countless visitors and so does the Tempozan area due to its ease of access to USJ and many other attractions.
The Tempozan Marketplace also houses many shops and restaurants, the most famous being the Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho gourmet alley designed in a retro, Showa era fashion. Here you can enjoy many of the iconic Osaka foods all under one roof.

<Venue Information>

Venue Name: Legoland Discovery Center Osaka
Business Hours: 10:00 - 16:00
Regular Closing Days: On same days as Tempozan Marketplace is closed
Phone Number: 0800-100-5346
Address: 〒552-0022 Osaka, Minato Ward, Kaigandori 1-1-10 Tempozan Marketplace, 3rd floor
Access: Osakako Station on the Chuo Line
City bus headed for Tempozan Harbor Village
JR Sakurajima Line to Universal City, board the Captain Line to Tempozan
By car via Hanshin Expressway, get off at Tempozan IC
Paid parking available.

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