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Panoramic view of Osaka from 252m! "Sakishima Cosmo Tower Observation Deck "

Panoramic view of Osaka from 252m! "Sakishima Cosmo Tower Observation Deck "

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Basic Information

The observation deck of the Sakishima Cosmo Tower, a landmark in the Osaka Bay area, offers a spectacular view from 252 meters above the ground. From the 53rd floor, a 42-meter-long escalator takes you up to the observation deck, where you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city.
The view is different during the day and at night, making the observatory popular around the clock, however the best time to visit is from dusk to night so you can enjoy not just the romantic sunset, but also the cityscape of Osaka at night. The designated area with seats on the west side of the observatory deck in particular is an excellent spot for exactly this.
Since the observatory overlooks Osaka, it is often used for school trips so children can learn about geography a bit more directly.. The observatory also offers a panoramic view of the bridges that span Osaka, and at night it is a great place to see the illuminated bridges and glittering neon lights. The view of Osaka at night is truly captivating.
The peculiar architectural design of the viewing platform enables you to sneak a peek at the world directly below.
There are restaurants and convenience stores on the first and second floors, and on the 48th floor there is a buffet-style restaurant where you can have a nice meal while enjoying the view. For something smaller we recommend the SORA Cafe on the 55th floor.

View from a height of 252 meters

Cosmo Tower is an international complex and it features not only the observatory, but also commercial facilities, offices and restaurants. The observatory is 252 meters high, and offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Osaka. You can see not just Osaka City, but also Awaji Island and the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in the distance and everything in between.
To reach the observatory deck you need to take a glass-paneled see-through elevator to the 52nd floor - a thrilling experience on its own. From there you should board the 42m long escalator that takes you straight to the 53rd floor where the deck is located.
There are also benches and tables available, where you can simply sit back and relax a bit.
In a few parts of the deck the floor is made of glass and offers a glimpse of people moving about down below, almost like ants in a busy anthill. Unless you are afraid of heights this is quite a sight indeed.
If you go to the west side of the deck you will see a leisure zone with box seats available. From here you can enjoy a romantic sunset over Osaka at your leisure. If the weather is nice and the sky clear you can see all the way to Kobe at night. The romantic atmosphere both at sunset and at night make the deck a popular spot for couples.

Amazing view at night

Impressive during the day, the observatory deck offers just as amazing a view at night.
Downtown Osaka, USJ, Tempozan Ferris Wheel, Kansai Airport or the many bridges crossing Osaka are all illuminated at night and make the nightly cityscape appear almost like a treasure box full of gems.
The deck has a seating area not just with benches and tables, but also with couple seats and private boxes for a tiny bit of privacy for couples who would like to enjoy the view.
The admission is quite peculiar as well, if you come here during the day your entry will be valid until night so you can enjoy the view far into the distance during daylight hours and then come back once more to see Osaka as night falls over it. Furthermore there are hardly any tourists here in the evening and at night, so you won’t be bumping into the ever-present crowds. So for example if you are staying in the vicinity check in into your hotel and drop by to enjoy the view, then head out for a nice lunch or a bit of touring before coming back in the evening for the sunset and the nightly cityscape. The observatory deck is open until 22:00, offering plenty of time to see the view that was selected as one of the top 100 night views of Japan.

Enjoy more than the view; SORA Cafe on the 55th floor

The SORA Café on the 55th floor offers more than just the spectacular view to enjoy, as you can grab a light meal like an ice cream or even a rice omelet. There is a wide selection of drinks on the menu, as well as seasonal desserts featured in their famous “dessert fair” event. If you are looking for a spot to enjoy something small yet nice to accompany the majestic view, look no further.
If you would prefer something heartier and would like to eat your fill, the open-air restaurant “World Buffet” on the 48th floor is a good place to stop by. It boasts an excellent view, delicious cuisine and spacious premises with a total capacity of 150 seats.

Direct connection to the hotel

If you stay at the Sakishima Cosmo Tower Hotel in Sakishima Cosmo Tower, you can go up to the observatory directly from the hotel. Of course the view from the observatory is quite similar to the view from your room so you can enjoy it in private as well, but if you want a 360 degree view of Osaka then the observatory is a must.
The rooms are quite excellent on their own as well. The hotel's motto is "From Osaka to the World," and the interiors of respective rooms have been designed by popular designers and architects of Osaka. The rooms are furnished with high quality Serta luxury beds to help you relax after a long day of travel. When selecting your room you could opt for one of the rooms designed by local artists under the OsakaGenic Project for a unique experience. With a wide variety of amenities available, taking a relaxing bath whilst enjoying the view is also an option. Halls of each floor are decorated with wall art by various local artists, giving the hotel a rather unique flare. Spacious lounge and modern rooms make this recently built hotel an excellent choice for your visit to Osaka.

In the vicinity

The Sakishima Cosmo Tower is a polyfunctional facility featuring restaurants, convenience stores, clinics, a hotel and much more. The Osaka Bay area is quite close and it is home to the Kaiyukan Aquarium and Tempozan Marketplace and Giant Ferris Wheel.
The Kaiyukan is one of the world's largest aquariums, with whale sharks and a wide variety of marine life. There is a petting zone in the aquarium where you can also touch some of the marine wildlife. The aquarium is also available at night from 17:00 for special nightly features. The nearby Tempozan Ferris Wheel closes at 22:00, however its illumination makes it quite an attractive sight to behold. A few meters from the Ferris Wheel you will find Tempozan Park. Mt Tempo, the main feature of the park, is the single lowest man-made mountain in the world which might not sound that impressive, however the rose garden located here is quite a popular spot among the locals. The Tempozan Marketplace features a gourmet court and a gourmet floor designed in the style of Osaka in the Showa Era. There is no typical local treat that you won’t be able to find here, so for example if you want to do a bit of foodie touring whilst your cruise is anchored in the Tempozan harbor, you can sample most of the most iconic dishes right here under one roof. The scenic cruise ship Santa Maria also sets sail from Tempozan Harbor and especially the Twilight Cruise enjoys a lot of popularity among visitors. Lastly, you can hop on the direct boat service that will take you to Universal Studios Japan, arguably the most popular spot among Japanese in Osaka.
One more impressive sight near the Cosmo Tower is also the Asia-Pacific Trade Center with various restaurants, shopping and even entertainment venues. If you would like to try your hand at a large-scale escape room game, ATC is your place to go.

<Venue Information>

Venue Name: Sakishima Cosmo Tower Observatory
Business Hours: 11:00 - 22:00
Regular Closing Days: Monday
Phone Number: 06-6615-6055
Address: 〒559-0034 Osaka, Sumione Ward, Nankokita 1-chome 14-16
Access: 3 minutes from Trade Center Station on Nanko Port Town Line

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