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[Aichi ]You don't need a passport! Travel around the world in Little World, Aichi, Japan.

[Aichi ]You don't need a passport! Travel around the world in Little World, Aichi, Japan.


Located in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture, Little World is a popular tourist spot where visitors can feel like they are on a round-the-world trip even though they are in Japan. This article introduces the highlights of Little World, as well as recommended courses that will double your enjoyment.

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Little World Overview

Little World is an open-air ethnographic museum where visitors can learn about homes and lifestyles from around the world.
It is said to be the second largest theme park in Japan, with 33 private houses from 23 countries currently on display within its spacious grounds.

The park is divided into eight zones, each of which allows visitors to experience the life and culture of the area.

Zone I...Ishigaki Island, Ainu, Taiwan
Zone II...Tipi, Navajo, Tlingit, Peru
Zone III...Bali, Toba Batak, Yap, Samoa
Zone IV...Germany, France, Italy
Zone V...Tent Village of the World
Zone VI...Nyakyusa, Ndebele, African Plaza, Cassena
Zone VII...Nepal, India, Turkey, Thailand
Zone VIII...Korea Farmer, Korea Landowner, Yamagata

The exhibits are not replicas, but actual items that have been purchased from various countries, relocated and restored.
This makes you feel as if you are really visiting the place.
Let's enjoy the feeling of traveling abroad while experiencing the lifestyle and culture of each country!

Things to do in Little World

Little World can be fully enjoyed without any preparation, but it can be enjoyed even more if you know what you can do in advance!
So, next, let us show you how to enjoy Little World.

You should check out the event when you go!

Little World hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including fireworks, meat festivals, mystery solving, and more.
The content of the events varies by season and month, so if you are going to visit, the first thing you should do is to check the event information first.

Depending on the time of year, some events feature limited gourmet food!
The ultra-precious menu, limited to five servings a day, is sometimes available, so international gourmet lovers should check it out.

I personally recommend the circus show!
Performances by world-renowned artists are powerful. Not only children, but adults as well will be glued to the stage.

Buses within the park are convenient if you want to enjoy the whole day.

Little World is 2.5 km per lap. If you go back and forth between each area, you will walk quite a distance.
We recommend that you take the park's buses. If you purchase a ticket, you can freely get on and off as many times as you like at the bus stops in front of the main exhibition halls.

GO with your dog!

While there are only a limited number of theme parks that allow visitors to bring their pets, Little World allows visitors to enter with their dogs. And there is no admission fee!
However, there are some conditions, such as the length of the leash, restrictions on the zones that can be entered, and a written pledge, so you need to check the precautions if you plan to bring your dog.

Let's take pictures wearing traditional costumes!

At Little World, visitors can not only just tour the exhibits, but also take commemorative photos wearing ethnic costumes of various countries.
There is a rental fee for ethnic costumes, but you are free to take photos in any costume you like!

Taste gourmet food from around the world!

One of the attractions of Little World is that visitors can enjoy gourmet food from around the world.
There are 14 restaurants in the park, each offering a different gourmet experience from a different country or region.

Let's enjoy shopping!

Little World also offers souvenirs from around the world for purchase.
The park's stores offer a wide variety of souvenirs, including sweets, beer, and sundries!
Each store sells different products, so be sure to check out the souvenirs as you stroll through the park.

If you go more than 3 times a year, an annual pass is a great deal.

If you are going to visit Little World more than three times in a year, we recommend that you purchase a special annual pass.
There are two types of Annual Passports: Premium and Standard.

You can also make an annual passport for your dog, so if you and your dog are frequent visitors, be sure to check it out.

Three recommended courses at Little World

If you want to enjoy your stroll in Little World even more, we recommend that you take a course with a specific theme.
For example, Little World's official website introduces four recommended courses carefully selected by the staff.

Hiking Discovery Course
Now you can be a Little Dori Course!
Happy Course
Eating and Walking Course

In this article, I would like to secretly introduce to you, the reader of this article, three recommended courses that I, a Little World lover, have devised.
If you are planning to visit Little World in the future, please refer to this course as well.

Round-the-World Course with Children

Little World has many spots for parents and children to enjoy!
Here are some recommendations for a more enjoyable stroll with your children.

If you want to visit Little World with your child, a park bus ticket is a must!
Since it is quite a distance, about 2.5 km per lap, you should purchase a bus ticket at the ticket office so that you can respond to your child's "tired of walking~ ".

Little World also offers a number of children's-sized ethnic costumes.
When you arrive in your favorite country, put on a nice outfit and strike a high pose!

The German area, famous for being a toy kingdom, has many toys on display and for sale, including the Nutcracker.
We invite you and your child to experience the warmth of traditional handmade toys.

Next, visit the Animal Plaza. You will be thrilled to see llamas and sheep at close range!
On weekends and holidays, visitors can also experience feeding the animals.

After returning home, we had dinner at the World Bazaar Cafe.
This café has a kids' space, so you can enjoy your meal with your little ones.

Toast Course with Beers from Around the World

Little World offers a wide selection of food as well as drink menus.
One of the most substantial is beer. The following is a list of recommended courses for those who want to drink beers from around the world.

The first commemorative drink was in the Ishigaki Island area, which can be seen just past the entrance.
Let's toast with Orion beer, an Okinawan specialty, and gyoza (dumplings) made from agu pork, a brand-name pork.

The second toast was a traditional German beer, Walsteiner!
If you don't drink enough, you can compare it with other German beers.

The third drink was a churn beer in the Thai area.
Its sweetness makes it a perfect match for spicy Thai food!

The fourth cup is at "Gassan ", a restaurant in the Yamagata area.
The locally brewed Pilsner beer is refreshing and popular among women.
It would be great if you could taste it with Yamagata beef, a local delicacy!

Other beers from various countries are sold in the park.
You can stop and have a drink or buy one as a souvenir.
We invite you to taste beers from around the world.

Photogenic Course

When it comes to travel, photography is an indispensable part of the trip.
The last course is for those who want to take photogenic photos.

First, a quick snap at the entrance!
"A popular photo spot is in front of the wall with Little World "painted in large letters.
Be sure to take a picture before entering the park.

Once inside the park, we now go to the Alaska area.
Posing high on a totem pole in front of Tlingit's house!
The key is to pull the camera back so that the whole body is captured.

The Chapel of St. Georg in a village in Bavaria, Germany, is another recommended photo spot.
Take a romantic photo with the beautiful frescoes on the ceiling and walls in the background.

The next stop is in front of the Alberobello house in the Italy area.
This is another popular spot for its cute pointy hat-like roof.
If you wear ethnic costumes, your photos will look more authentic.

Finally, a quick shot of the colorful eight-color mouse statues in the Thailand area.
The day of the week is determined by the color of the mouse statue, and if you whisper a wish into one ear of the mouse statue for the day of your birth, your wish will be delivered to Ganesha, the Hindu god.

This is Ganesha, the Hindu god.
The same can be seen in the Thailand area, so be sure to take a picture with the mouse statue.

For those who want to enjoy a more photogenic course, the spring and summer seasons, when floral events are held, are the best time to visit.
The colorful floral spots from various countries are worth seeing!

The flower spots are designed differently each year, so be sure to check the official website when the event gets closer.


Little World is a place where visitors can experience homes and lifestyles from around the world. In addition to the exhibits, there are also a variety of gourmet foods and souvenirs to enjoy throughout the day.
It is easily accessible from Nagoya Station, so if you are planning to go sightseeing in Aichi Prefecture or are looking for a place to play in the area, please visit.

"Facility Information "
Address: 〒484-0005 90-48, Imai Narisawa, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture
Phone number: 0568-62-5611
Hours of operation: 10:00 - 16:00 (*)
Fixed holiday:Indefinite holiday(※)
Admission: Adults and university students: 1,800 yen
Silver (65 years old and over) ... 1,400 yen
High school, junior high school, and international students: 1,100 yen
Elementary school students...700円
Infant (3 years old and up) ... 300 yen
*Opening hours and holidays vary depending on the situation. Please check the official website for details.

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