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  • After sightseeing at Nagoya Castle, Science Museum, Legoland, etc. in Nagoya, you want to stay in a relaxing Japanese-style room. If you are looking for a Japanese-style ryokan, we recommend you to stay at one of our Japanese-style ryokans. Not only is it more relaxing than staying in a Western-style room, but lying on tatami mats is also very comfortable. Some ryokan are located in the city center of Nagoya, but some of them have hot spring baths, so we recommend you to stay at a Japanese-style ryokan when you are sightseeing in Nagoya.

    2021-10-19 Management office

  • There are many new stylish hotels in Nagoya. You can now enjoy a dreamy, luxurious room with a pool at a reasonable price, and enjoy a stylish menu at a stylish hotel. We will introduce such hotels here, so if you are wondering which hotel to choose for sightseeing in Nagoya, please refer to this page.

    2021-10-18 Management office

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