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[Okinawa ]3 popular hotels to stay in Ishigaki Island!

[Okinawa ]3 popular hotels to stay in Ishigaki Island!

2023-10-18 Management office

Ishigaki Island is one of the most popular among the many remote islands in Okinawa Prefecture. Located in the center of the Yaeyama Islands, Ishigaki Island offers crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. In this article, we would like to introduce 3 luxury hotels to stay in Ishigaki Island. Make unforgettable memories at first-class hotels.
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ANA Intercontinental Ishigaki Resort

"ANA Intercontinental Ishigaki Resort "is a resort hotel located about 20 minutes drive from Ishigaki Airport. Maesato Beach with bright blue color stretches in front of the hotel, and there are many marine activities available.

"Rooms at the ANA InterContinental Ishigaki Resort "are decorated in a stylish, modern style with a traditional Ishigaki Island and tropical mood. The suites are luxurious spaces where you can enjoy both sunrise and sunset. The rooms with balconies offer beautiful ocean views that will make you lose track of time.

Enjoy the ingredients of Ishigaki Island

"The restaurant at ANA InterContinental Ishigaki Resort "offers a variety of dishes using local, seasonal ingredients from Ishigaki Island.

Especially recommended is the teppanyaki steak of Ishigaki beef raised in the nature of Yaeyama. The Ishigaki beef with high quality fat is so tender that it melts in your mouth.
There are restaurants of various genres, including Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

Healing Time at the Spa

"When you stay at ANA InterContinental Ishigaki Resort ", we recommend the spa. You can enjoy the energy of nature, gentle touch of skin, and fresh fragrance and feel very relaxed. You will feel as if the energy of the southern island enters your body and renews your body and mind.
The menu varies from full-body courses to foot massages. You can relax and forget about time, relieving daily fatigue and swelling from long hours of travel.

Take a tour

"ANA InterContinental Ishigaki Resort "hosts several experience tours.
Cruising offers a great opportunity to watch the sunset from the boat and see the sky full of stars. The night cruising by moonlight is very fantastic and the breeze is very comfortable.
Shiraho snorkeling tours offer a chance to see some of the world's best blue coral colonies and brightly colored tropical fish. A local guide will lead the tour and explain about the fish.

Other tours such as exploring the subtropical jungle, parasailing, and canoeing in the mangroves are also available.

Facility Information
Address: 354-1 Maesato, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0002
tel: 0980-88-7111
Access: 20 minutes by car or 20-30 minutes by bus from Ishigaki Airport
Official Website :https://www.anaintercontinental-ishigaki.jp/ja/

Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas

"Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas "is located on the west coast of the island, about 35 minutes by car from Ishigaki Airport. It is popular among couples and families of all ages for its distinctive red-tiled and white-walled cottages. Fusaki Beach stretches about 1 km in front of the resort, and the white sand beach and light blue ocean are spectacular.

Rooms surrounded by sky and sea

"The rooms at Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas "are filled with natural light and a pleasant breeze from the ocean. There are many different types of rooms on the expansive grounds, so you can use different types depending on who you are going with and what kind of room you want to stay in.
From the ocean view rooms, you can watch the sunset toward Iriomote Island and Kohama Island, making for a memorable sunset.

Villa type rooms allow you to enjoy Ishigaki Island even more. You can feel like a resident of a tropical remote island, surrounded by nature and refreshed. Cottages with Ryukyu red tile roofs made with stucco and surrounded by hibiscus and seekers.

Rooms are also available for those with small children, and amenities such as diapers are provided. Even if you are worried about traveling with a baby, you can stay at "Husaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas ", which offers generous support and a full range of plans.

One of the largest swimming pools in Ishigaki Island

"Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas "has one of the largest swimming pools in Ishigaki Island and is sure to be a big hit with adults and children alike. The beachside pool along Fusaki Beach seems to follow the ocean, and there is also a bar counter. Visitors can watch the sunset with a tropical cocktail in hand, or enjoy the luxury of the illuminated night pool at night. There is also an indoor pool to enjoy even when the weather is bad, and even though it is an indoor pool, it is fully equipped with a water slide.

"Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas "has a variety of restaurants of different genres. You can enjoy Ryukyuan cuisine using carefully selected ingredients from Ishigaki Island or have BBQ while watching the beautiful sunset.

We especially recommend "ISHIGAKI BOLD KITCHEN ", a buffet-style restaurant with more than 80 dishes from around the world, an open-air atrium space and decorations featuring Ishigaki Island crafts will surely add to your travel memories.

A full range of marine activities

"Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas "offers a full range of marine activities to enjoy Ishigaki's ocean to your heart's content. You can participate in snorkeling, SUP, etc. with no need to bring your own equipment.

Safe for small children

"Fusaki Beach Resort Hotel & Villas "has accommodation plans for families with small children and a kids' pool and other facilities. Also popular with those who want to have fun with just the adults for a short while is the Baby & Kids Room "AYAPANI ". Qualified staff members are always on hand, so you can leave your children with peace of mind.
There are also activities for children, such as making photo frames, shell wreaths, and picture frames out of seashells and coral from Ishigaki Island. There is also a Shisa making experience, which is a must-do when you come to Okinawa. The activities are held all year round regardless of the season, so why don't you make a memorable piece of work with your child?

Facility Information
Address: 1625 Shinkawa, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0024
tel: 0980-88-7000
Access: 35 minutes by car from Ishigaki Airport (free shuttle bus available)
Official Website :https://www.fusaki.com/

The Seven Stars Resort 石垣

"The Seven Stars Resort Ishigaki "is a resort hotel located in Japan's southernmost national park, about 15 minutes drive from Ishigaki Airport. You can experience the ultimate hospitality at the stay type resort hotel limited to one couple per day. You can spend a special time in a space where no one will disturb you.

Large villa all to yourself

"The interior of The Seven Stars Resort Ishigaki "is very spacious, with a white interior and approximately 100 square meters on the first floor and 30 square meters on the second floor. The beds and sofas are made by Simmons, and the amenities are top-notch. In addition to the Jacuzzi, there is an open-air bath with a view on the veranda, where you can take a bath while looking at the star-filled sky at night.

"Rooms at The Seven Stars Resort Ishigaki "have a private pool, which you can enter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lounge chairs, tables, sundecks, and parasols are provided by the poolside. There is also a shower for the pool and it is well equipped.

Chef's specialties

"At The Seven Stars Resort Ishigaki ", chefs prepare dishes using carefully selected ingredients from Ishigaki Island. You can enjoy tender Ishigaki beef, fruit jam from local farms, and rare fruits that are rarely eaten in Honshu.
After dinner, you can relax in the private bar and enjoy delicious drinks without worrying about the time.

"The Seven Stars Resort Ishigaki "is limited to one couple per day, so you can have a special time without disturbing anyone, making it a perfect surprise for birthdays and anniversaries. They can accommodate surprises that are sure to please the ladies, such as a whole cake or a flower bed with many rose petals scattered on the bed. Why not create wonderful memories in a space just for the two of you?

Facility Information
Address: 2-278 Ibaruma, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0332
tel: 0980-89-2567
Access: 15 minutes by car from Ishigaki Airport
Official Website :https://ssr.okinawa/


In this article, we have introduced three hotels you should stay at in Ishigaki Island. The hotels introduced this time have restaurants where you can enjoy Ishigaki Island's seasonal ingredients and rare tropical fruits, and marine activities where you can fully enjoy the crystal clear ocean. The rooms are open and private, and you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and star-filled sky from the room, which will make your trip unforgettable.
We also recommend you to enjoy not only the ocean but also the facilities to the fullest, such as one of the largest swimming pools in Ishigaki Island and a private pool. The facilities and services in the hotel are also excellent, so please stay with us.

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