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Dotonbori ZAZA House Live Performance

Dotonbori ZAZA House Live Performance

2021-08-03 Management office

Basic Information

Dotonbori ZAZA House is a comedy club where visitors can enjoy stand up performances. It mainly features local aspiring and upcoming comedians and their solo or pair stand up acts at a reasonable price of 600 JPY per 30 minute performance.
Performances are held daily, 5 times per day. 30 minutes before the show starts young comedians wearing pink traditional overcoats will beckon in visitors, so it is really easy to find the place and get in at the correct time. The shows take place at the underground floor of the Nakaza Kuidaore building, with the iconic “Kuidaore Taro” waiting at the entrance. Bringing and consuming your own refreshments is allowed, as well as taking pictures during the performances. Normally it is not easy to see the performances of young and fresh comedians, however at the Dotonbori ZAZA House you can do exactly that and take a bright smile back home with you!

Easy to enjoy at a reasonable price

The strongest selling point of the ZAZA theater is its perfect location, easy accessibility and affordability at a mere 600 yen per performance. Its prime location in the middle of the popular Dotonbori, easy accessibility and shows running throughout the day make it easy to stop by and enjoy the show on a whim without any meticulous planning beforehand. Finding the theater is as easy as arriving at Dotonbori and locating the iconic Kuidaore Taro statue, so if you would like to take a break and enjoy a bit of the local culture you can stop by the neighboring convenience store, load up on refreshments and pop in for a bit of stand up comedy so iconic of Osaka. The entrance fee is really modest as 600 yen would usually buy a better cup of coffee, so seeing a comedy show at this price is a great deal!
If you have any preferred comedian that you would like to see you can easily check the schedule in advance on the official Twitter page.
Or you could just try your luck and go see a random comedy act. Even though sense of humor is not universal and may differ per person and thus you may stumble upon an act that’s not quite up your alley, there are more acts per show so it’s highly unlikely you wouldn’t find one to your liking.
Whether you’re going in to see your favorite act, or to get to know the young local comedians, or even without a plan nor goal of any kind at ZAZA you can easily enjoy the local comedian scene to its fullest.
The area around ZAZA is teeming with popular tourist spots of Osaka, making the theater a popular choice for those who would like to kill a bit of time while waiting for their friends or even those that decided to give the comedy scene of Osaka a shot on a whim.

Up close to the acts!

The theater is quite cozy, thus offering you a chance to see the comedians up close. Visitors in the front row seats often get involved in the acts e.g. via requests, so it is not uncommon to see them having joke prompts and topics prepared. The seats closest to the comedians may get drawn into the act as well becoming the butt of a joke or two, so if you’re a good sport with a sense of humor this might be the best choice for you and your companions. For just 600 yen you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth, so why not muster up the courage and take the seat in the proverbial spotlight? The comedians themselves will beckon you in before the show, perform for you and see you off after the show. If you are lucky you might even take a commemorative snapshot together! Who knows, perhaps that comedian will make it big one day and that snapshot that you took in a tiny hall will instantly become a snapshot of a lifetime. Only here at ZAZA you have an unique opportunity to encounter young comedians up close and personal and to take a snapshot together!

Not just Yoshimoto Agency

Yoshimoto is the most popular and famous comedian agency in Japan, if you say “comedian” most Japanese will immediately picture Yoshimoto. However not all comedians belong to Yoshimoto. ZAZA features many comedians from a wide range of agencies from all over Kansai, each and every one of them unique in one way or another.
The Kansai Performing Arts Association employs professional writers, solo or duo comedians and rakugo storytellers, with many famous names on their roster.
JAM CONTE on the other hand is famous for its quick witted comedy and improvised acts, often making use of material brought in by the customers and created on the spot.
Spunky performances often make use of the archetypical Osaka dialect and are more regional, e.g. the cultural gaps between Osaka and Tokyo.
Sarapin (meaning “new product”) Live performances focus on fresh and new acts and finally, Hinotori features mostly amateurs, free performers and undiscovered fresh acts. The shows are a mix of various genres, almost guaranteeing that visitors will find something to enjoy.
If you have a moment to spare in your travels, stop by, kick back and enjoy a facet of the Osaka culture you might not be able to enjoy anywhere else.

The Kuidaore building is almost an amusement park of its own

The Kuidaore Building in which ZAZA is located is almost an amusement park in its own right. It features restaurants specializing in all the iconic foods of Osaka, like the takoyaki, okonomiyaki, kushi skewers and more. Indeed, just a small stroll around the building can leave you satisfied and stuffed.
There is the Sushi Zanmai famous for its auctions and delicious sushi at a reasonable price, Torikizoku Izakaya style restaurant with everything chicken, Osaka Kanigen with their crab specialties, or Tsukada Nojo offering dishes from home-grown vegetables and chicken.
On top of that you can also give the Kushikatsu Shirotaya a shot. This restaurant is owned and operated by the famous competitive eater Giant Shirota. Here you can try the extra large servings and see if you have the guts to become a competitive eater yourself. There is no shortage of cafes, internet cafes, karaoke halls nor convenience stores. On top of that the building features a specialized shop for Osaka goods and Kuidaore Taro goods with over 4000 products available only here, great not only as a souvenir but also for personal use. At the TARO's PARLOR you can grab a mixed juice or a smoothie for your daily vitamin fix. The Kuidaore Building is the manifestation of the kuidaore culture of Osaka (lit. “eat until you drop”), with the culture of comedy manifested in the ZAZA theater in its basement floor.

In the vicinity

ZAZA is located in the popular Dotonbori in the center of Osaka. The Dotonbori area is full of famous spots like the many bridges spanning the Doton River or the riverside promenade. Next to the Ebisu bridge you can find the iconic Glico Man poster board making it a perfect spot for a commemorative snapshot of your trip to Osaka. We also recommend a selfie with the iconic Kuidaore Taro located right in front of the entrance to ZAZA. The area of Nipponbashi is renowned as one of the three top electronics districts in Japan and is hailed as the holy grounds of all otaku - anime, manga, games and pop culture fans. The atmosphere of the area is further strengthened by the many maid cafes. The Aiaibashi oft featured in songs and the adjacent Aiai Shopping strip are dotted with peculiar and unique stores. Descending into the underground will lead you to the Namba underground mall called Namba Walk, with countless apparel and cosmetics stores. Another great place for everything fashion is the Ebisu shopping arcade by the Sin-Ebisu bridge, with a plethora of shops, cafes and restaurants. The neon-lit arcades around Dotonbori are always busy and bustling, attracting locals and visitors alike. The respective arcades all converge on Dotonbori, making them easy to find. The Osaka Matsutake Theater can also be found in the vicinity, a great spot for all those who are interested in Kabuki or would like to enjoy a live concert or one of the many various events held here.

<Venue Information>

Venue Name: Dotonbori ZAZA House
Business Hours: 5 performances, once every hour between 11:30 and 15:30
Regular Closing Days: None
Phone Number: 06-6212-3005
Address: 〒542-0071 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Namba 1-chome 7-21大 Naka Cuidaore B1F
Access: 5 minutes from Namba Station on the Midosuji Subway Line or 8 minutes from Nipponbashi Station on the Sennichi-Mae or Sakaisuji lines

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