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Up into the sky on the Redhorse Osaka Wheel

Up into the sky on the Redhorse Osaka Wheel

2021-08-10 Management office

Basic Information

The 123 meters tall Redhorse Osaka Wheel located in the Expocity facility in Suita is the tallest Ferris Wheel in Japan. From the top it offers an amazing view of Osaka and its surroundings. The romantic nightly view of Osaka cityscape makes this ride a very popular choice among couples. The massive wheel is quite an impressive sight on its own, whether you marvel at its height from below, or at how small the world looks from the top. The gondolas are quite spacious and come equipped with air conditioning units. Redhorse is the first Ferris Wheel in the world built with a quake-absorbing base isolated system, officially recognized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
The gondolas have a maximum capacity of 6 passengers and all the walls and floors are completely see-through. For those with acrophobia there is an option to spread a mat on the floor thus obscuring the view directly below.
There are also two VIP gondolas available with various special features like different seats or LED illuminated floors. There are charger cords available so you can charge your phone or tablet as well. From the gondolas you get quite an impressive view, from the Sun Tower in the Expocity, to the Rokko and Ikoma Mountains in the distance. The Ferris Wheel proudly boasts the title of no.1 in Japan and is sure to become a great memory of your trip. Speaking of firsts, it is also the first Ferris Wheel in Japan to offer tickets online. The wheel itself is also illuminated all year around by more than 100000 LED bulbs, creating quite a spectacular sight at night.
Apart from the ride, Expocity itself offers a lot to enjoy as well. with a total area of 172,000㎡ there is no shortage of various shops, cafes, restaurants and other facilities. Right next to it lies the Panasonic Stadium Suita, home to the locally beloved Gamba Osaka team.

123 meters and see through gondolas, guaranteed thrill!

The Redhorse Osaka Wheel is the tallest of its kind in Japan, with a whopping peak height of 123 meters. The gondolas are completely see-through, with the exception of the seats. There is an option to have a mat placed on top of the see-through floor so please be sure to ask the staff in advance should you wish to opt for this option. The gondolas are strictly one-party use so even if you are traveling solo you can rest assured there will be no strangers sharing the ride with you. The gondolas are slightly bigger than regular ones, offering a more comfortable experience during the ride. They also come with both air conditioning and air purification so you don’t have to worry about any leftover aromas from previous passengers. Cup holders might also be a bit of an unusual feature, although they are quite appreciated. Apart from the standard gondolas there are two VIP ones, for up to 4 passengers. The gondolas offer a stunning view from every angle, an experience that is as rare as memorable. At the time of its construction, the Redhorse Ferris Wheel was not just the number 1 in Japan, but also the 7th biggest one globally. The view from the 72 gondolas reaches as far as Abeno Harukas and the Umeda area, quite a sight to behold. The ride takes approximately 18 minutes, but with such a magnificent view in front of you it feels like an instant. During the day the ride is perfect to take snapshots of such iconic sights like the Sun Tower, but it offers just an amazing experience at night with the stunning illumination.

3 types of tickets, VIP service on special days!

The Redhorse Ferris Wheel is the first in Japan to sell tickets online. Thanks to that it is not necessary to line up at the ticket booth. Those who would like an even smoother boarding experience can opt for the Fast tickets with designated boarding time, or the VIP tickets for the two special VIP gondolas.
The standard same day tickets cost 1000 JPY per person, with the Fast and VIP tickets being priced at 1500 and 8000 JPY respectively. Three year old children and younger ride for free.
The exact date and boarding time for the VIP tickets can also be selected, thus making sure your waiting time is cut down to practically zero. The VIP gondolas have a maximum capacity of 4 passengers as opposed to the 6 of a standard gondola. The regular seats are replaced with soft sofas and the floor is illuminated with LED lights to create a special atmosphere. If you wish to commemorate a special occasion with that special someone, treating yourselves to the VIP service is a great idea. Whether you would like to celebrate an anniversary, commemorate your visit or perhaps even propose to your loved one, make the best out of the 18 minute ride in a very unique and unforgettable atmosphere.
If you buy the same-day tickets on site, you will have to queue up and wait your turn, but with the Fast express tickets having to wait is quite rare. Even in the busiest time when a lot of people opt for these express tickets, the maximum waiting time is approximately 10 minutes on average. It goes without saying that the same applies to VIP tickets.

Summer special! Zombie Ferris Wheel

Summer is the time of the year when haunted mansions and thrilling experiences skyrocket in popularity, to send a chill or two down your spine in the hot and humid summer night.
In line with that notion the Redhorse Ferris Wheel holds the “Zombie Ferris Wheel from Hell” event, becoming even scarier with each passing year. The event features zombie themed beverages, like the ZomBeer for visitors to enjoy. Those brave enough to board the ride will be attacked by zombies in the gondola, courtesy of state-of-the-art projection mapping technology. With nowhere to run the only thing that will be running are the chills down your spine, as the 3D sound system and vibrating seats create an eerie atmosphere around you.
Depending on your decisions during the ride the outcome will also change so choose wisely.
Unlike the regular ride, the zombie special can seat only up to five passengers per cabin.
There’s a limited number of rides available, so be sure to book in advance should you be interested in giving it a shot. The zombie ride is also priced slightly differently at 1500 JPY as opposed to the standard fare of 1000 JPY. If you are visiting Osaka, this special experience is sure to chill you to the bone.


The Redhorse Ferris Wheel is not the only attraction at Expocity. Nifrel, a unique natural museum, combines the concepts of an aquarium, a zoo and an art gallery, divided into 7 zones. The aquatic zone is produced by the Kaiyukan Aquarium, assuring high exhibit quality. ANIPO is a mobile theme park aimed at the younger children and it features 4 different attractions and adorable animal characters.
REDEE is quite an interesting facility that aims to introduce programming via games to all age ranges, including the youngest learners. From fun introductory courses to serious hands on programming classes, this facility is bound to spark the interest in programming in all visitors. At the 109 Cinemas Osaka Expocity you can enjoy the newest blockbusters in top notch quality courtesy of the state-of-the art technology.
At the short distance sprinting attraction at the VS PARK you can try and see if you would be able to outrun a predator chasing you, like a cheetah or even a T-Rex, or if running is not your thing you could just as well enjoy the many unique and fun activities the VS PARK is famous for. Lastly, LaLaPort Expocity offers you the opportunity to spend a more leisurely day of shopping and relaxing with countless shops, cafes and restaurants.

In the vicinity

Apart from EXPOCITY there are many points of interest in the vicinity of the Redhorse Ferris Wheel, like the 70’s Expo Memorial Park with the iconic Sun Tower, Panasonic Stadium Suita and more. The 70’s Expo Memorial Park is an excellent spot for a refreshing walk due to its scenic spots like traditional Japanese gardens. There is also an athletic zone and a full-sized labyrinth on the park grounds for the more adventurous crowds. The iconic 292 meters tall Tower of the Sun by Okamoto Taro visible from afar can also be found here. Designated as an important tangible cultural asset by the government since 2020, the tower is open to the general public and can be explored from the inside as well. It might be difficult to book a visit as of now, however it is not impossible. Taking pictures inside the tower is strictly prohibited, so the only way to see the insides is to go and visit directly.
The tower itself is illuminated every evening and its pictures are a popular staple of the local social media.
At the nearby National Museum of Ethnology you can see excellent works of traditional Japanese craftsmanship, some of them even up for sale.
The large lake in the park offers a swan boating service, with swan boats for either 2 or 4 people. Black swans inhabit the lake, creating a relaxing atmosphere excellent for a romantic boat ride. The lake is 24,500㎡ wide. In its vicinity you can find various sport courts, for example multiple tennis courts or a futsal playground. For those seeking a bit more leisure there is a fully fledged barbecue zone and even a hot spring public bath zone available to the visitors. The hot spring baths come equipped with a refreshment area, a stone sauna and other facilities to ensure a relaxing experience. There is a scenic train service available for those who would like to cover more ground in the vast park.
Right next to the park you can also find the Panasonic Stadium Suita, the home stadium of the Gamba Osaka football team.

<Venue Information>

Venue Name: Redhorse Osaka Wheel
Business Hours: 10:00 - 23:00
Phone Number: 06-6170-3246
Address: 〒565-0826 Osaka, Suita City, Senri Banpaku Koen 2-1
Access: 2 minutes from Banpaku-Kinen-Koen Station on the Osaka Monorail

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