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[Hiroshima ]Selected by bread lovers! 4 bakeries with a reputation for deliciousness!

[Hiroshima ]Selected by bread lovers! 4 bakeries with a reputation for deliciousness!

2022-05-09 Management office

There are many delicious bakeries in Hiroshima! Bakeries with a reputation for good taste are very popular every day, not only within the city, but also in places a little further away that can only be reached by car. There are various kinds of breads such as hard breads, high-grade breads, and unique breads. Many of them are actively using Instagram these days, so it is easy to check information on new releases and sell-outs! In this issue, we will introduce four bakeries in Hiroshima City. Please visit various bakeries and find your favorites!
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The most famous bakery in Hiroshima

It is no exaggeration to say that all citizens of Hiroshima know this famous bakery. Located in the center of Hiroshima City, it features a stately building built in 1925 as the Hiroshima branch of the former Mitsui Bank. "Andersen "was established in 1967 and was extensively renovated in 2020, almost half a century later. The first floor is a bakery and the second floor is a café, which is bustling with customers every day. The bakery and cafe are crowded with customers every day, and you can even watch the actual baking process. Wine, cheese, and other alcoholic beverages are also available for purchase and can be enjoyed at home with the bread.

"Andersen "'s Bread Appeal

"The bread at Andersen "is fermented for a long time using original fermentation seeds, which gives the dough depth. With 100 varieties of breads lined up in the store, it is hard to decide which one to try.

We especially recommend "Hiroshima Sour Bread ", which has been popular for many years since its launch in 1999. It has a good balance of richness, flavor, and acidity, making it the perfect bread to accompany food.

The sandwich stand on the first floor is popular for its sandwich and drink sets, which are made to order. We recommend the royal BLET sandwich! Crispy bread, juicy bacon, fresh lettuce, and tomatoes are sandwiched in a delicious sandwich that will make your cheeks drop.

[Store Locations
Name: Hiroshima ANDERSEN
Address: 7-1 Hondori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Access: 10 minutes by cab from JR Hiroshima Station
Hiroshima Electric Railway [bound for Hiroshima Port (Ujina) ]"Hondori "2 min. walk from the station
Hiroden Bus [Hiroshima Electric Railway Line #1 bound for Hiroshima Port (Ujina) ]"Hondori "2 minute walk from the bus stop
Hiroshima Bus [bound for Yoshijima Office ]"Hondori "2 min. walk from the bus stop
Hiroden Bus/Hiroshima Bus [Ekimachi Loop ][101.102] "Hondori "2 minute walk from the bus stop
Phone number: 082-247-2403
Business hours: 10:00-19:00
Average budget: ~1,000 yen
Website of the store : https://www.andersen.co.jp/hiroshima/
Tobacco: No smoking in all areas
Payment methods: Credit cards accepted (JCB, AMEX, Diners), electronic money accepted (Rakuten Edy)
Parking: Grand Parking Hondori (1 hour free for customers who purchase 2,000 yen or more before tax on 1F and 2F.)
Customers who make a purchase at our store will receive one service coupon regardless of the amount.


A small bakery with a warm atmosphere

This bakery is located in Honkawa-cho, Hiroshima City, one street away from the banks of the old Ohta River. The entrance to the white-walled building is decorated with dried flowers, creating a warm atmosphere.

The store opens at 10:00 a.m. and customers are constantly coming and going, even on weekdays. We recommend that you visit the store early, as they sometimes sell out by midday. The store also has an Instagram, so please check the Instagram for information on sell-outs and new releases!
The interior of the store is a simple bare concrete space lined with freshly baked bread. It is hard to decide which one to choose. The clerk will take a loaf and politely tell you what kind of characteristics the bread has if you ask. There is a riverbed of the old Ota River nearby, so it is nice to have a picnic on a sunny day.

"The charm of MISAKI BAKERY "'s bread

"MISAKI BAKERY "has both hard and soft bread types, but we especially recommend the baguette sandwich! The baguette made of hard dough has a rich wheat flavor that spreads out in your mouth. The more you bite into it, the more you can feel the flavor of the ingredients, making it a popular item.

There are many varieties, such as tuna and carrot rapé sandwiches and baguettes with prosciutto and cheese, and you will want to conquer them all. The filling is plentiful all the way to the edges, so you will be very satisfied all the way to the end. A slightly unusual baguette sandwich is the bahn mi sandwich! It is a Vietnamese sandwich with pak choi, namasu, and sweet and spicy pork. Recommended for those who like ethnic food.

[Store Locations
Address: 1F Wako Palace 21, 2-1-13 Honkawa-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Access: 139m from Honkawa-cho Station
Business hours: [Wed-Sat] 10:00 - until merchandise is sold out
Average budget: ~1,000 yen
The store's Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/misakibakery/
Payment methods: PayPal acceptable, e-money acceptable
Parking: No

Bakery Kitchen FIRO

Bakery near Hiroshima Station

This bakery opened in May 2020 at the Shinkansen exit of Hiroshima Station. It is open from 7:00 a.m. and offers many kinds of breads, from sweet breads to prepared breads and sandwiches. There were many office workers and office ladies on their way to work.

Fruit sandwiches with a beautiful cross-section and the Anbata series, which is a series of colonized bean curd, have become a hot topic on social networking sites such as Instagram, and some people come to buy them for the social networking exposure.

A second store, "Nord Sand Bakery FIRO ", opened in January 2022, also on the Shinkansen exit side of Hiroshima Station. Fruit sandwiches and sandwiches filled to overflowing with ingredients are popular. It is also nice that coffee is included in the service.

"Bakery Kitchen Philo "'s Bread Appeal

"Bakery Kitchen Philo "recommends "Croissant Bread "! This bread is made with a generous amount of Hokkaido butter, Hokkaido fresh cream, and cream cheese, resulting in a fluffy dough and a sweet, gentle flavor. The buttery flavor fills your mouth like a fine breakfast served at a hotel.

We also recommend the Anbata series, which has been a hot topic on social networking sites. There are some seasonal items, but there are always about 10 varieties available. The small, round French dough sandwiches an-butter, green tea butter, strawberry butter, and more. The combination of the special an (red bean paste) made in Hiroshima and the carefully selected Hokkaido butter is irresistible! Although you know they are high in calories, you will not be able to stop eating them.

[Store Locations
Name: Bakery Kitchen FIRO
Address: 1-11-24 Hikaricho, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima City
Access: 298m from Hiroshima Station
Phone number: 0825698178
Business hours: Monday-Saturday 7:00-18:00 (closed Sunday)
Average budget: ~1,000 yen
The store's Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/misakibakery/
Payment method: Credit cards accepted, electronic money not accepted
Parking: No

Boulangerie 101 Brio

Cute looking bakery

This bakery is located along the Kyobashi River, right in the middle of Hiroshima Station and the city center. The entrance has a stylish appearance like a bakery on a French street corner, and it is open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. The bakery has been loved by locals for many years because of its reasonable prices.

A wide variety of breads from hard to soft, sandwiches, bagels, etc. are lined up in the morning. Eating at your leisure on a bench along the Kyobashi River is also recommended.

"Boulangerie 101 Brio "'s Bread Appeal

"The most popular at Boulangerie 101 Brio "is "cream bread "! The fluffy doughy, mushroom-shaped bread is filled with plenty of cream. This bread is popular among all ages, from children to adults. The texture is light, so you can finish it easily.

"I also recommend the cream cheese bagel ". The soft bagel has a perfect balance of rich and refreshing cream cheese. The sea salt on top gives it just the right amount of sweetness, making this a dish that has many hidden fans.

[Store Locations
Name: Boulangerie 101 Brio
Address: 5-7 Hashimoto-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Access: 244m from Ginzan-cho Station
Phone number: 082-222-8002
Business hours: 7:00 - 20:00 (closed on Sundays and holidays)
Average budget: ~1,000 yen
The store's Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/boulangeriebrio101/
Payment method: Credit cards accepted, electronic money not accepted
Parking: No


We have introduced four popular bakeries in Hiroshima. More and more bakeries are offering baked goods full of originality, such as hard and soft breads, cross-sectional moe fruit sandwiches, and unique baguette sandwiches. There are many bakeries in the city, so we recommend that you spend your holidays touring the bakeries.
You can also use Instagram to find out about new releases and sold-out information. All of the bakeries introduced here are popular and offer a large variety of breads, so be sure to visit them!

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