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10 recommended cafes in Shinsaibashi, a town of fashion and trends

10 recommended cafes in Shinsaibashi, a town of fashion and trends

2021-04-23 Management office

In this article, we will introduce cafes in the Shinsaibashi area. Shinsaibashi is one of the busiest shopping areas in Osaka, bustling with mainly young people. Because of this, there are many cafes that are fashionable and on the cutting edge of trends, making the area very attractive.
Enjoy a moment of elegance in this stylish and atmospheric cafe.

Hotel Nikko Osaka Tea Lounge Fountain

The first café we would like to introduce is located in Hotel Nikko Osaka. Taking advantage of its location in the hotel and its luxurious interior, this café offers a service called afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is a form of tea ceremony that has its roots in medieval Europe, where a variety of lovely, bite-sized sweets and mature tea are served. It is a blissful and bourgeois way to forget about everyday life and enjoy a sumptuous cup of tea.

Popular now among young people! Super Rich Afternoon Tea

The style of afternoon tea, which I explained in detail earlier, is very popular among young people these days. The comparative affordability of luxury is of course one of the reasons for its popularity, but more than that, you can enjoy a variety of delicious sweets, and it is a great value for money.
This afternoon tea also offers a variety of sweets to look at and eat, such as very pretty bitter chocolate rolls, whole strawberries in candy form, and tarts in a wide variety of shapes and flavors.

"Store Information "
Name: Tea Lounge Fountain, Hotel Nikko Osaka
Address: Hotel Nikko Osaka 1F, 1-3-3 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone number: 06-6244-1695
Office hours:10:00~21:00(L.O.20:30)
Closed: Open every day
Budget: ¥2,000 - ¥2,999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space & Facilities: Stylish space, relaxed atmosphere, sofa seating available

Cafe Tony Garden

In the afternoon tea connection mentioned earlier, this café is not to be outdone. While the previous afternoon tea was attached to a hotel, this café is located in a wedding chapel. Following the pure white and clean image of the bride and groom, the interior is decorated in white. The atmosphere is very stylish and offers a unique and exquisite moment. Please come dressed up and enjoy the extraordinary space.

The luxurious atmosphere is just like a wedding banquet!

Tea is a staple of afternoon tea. The fragrant tea accelerates the feeling of elegance. The tea and sweets served with tea are also beautifully arranged and refined. The cohesiveness and gorgeousness of the tea and sweets are just like a wedding reception, and you can enjoy a blissful moment as if you were invited to a party. Women who like this kind of cute and stylish atmosphere will surely like it.

"Store Information "
Name: Cafe Tony Garden
Address: St. Raphael Chapel Midosuji 1F, 4-1-6 Kitakyuhoji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone number: 050-5457-3554
Hours: [Monday, Thursday] 11:00-13:00, 15:00-17:00 [Friday] 11:00-13:00 [Saturday, Sunday, holidays] 11:00-13:00, 15:00-17:00 *Open only on weekends and holidays when there are no weddings.
Closed: Tuesday and Wednesday
I have to calculate:¥3,000~¥3,999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space & Facilities: Stylish space, relaxed atmosphere, open terrace

Cafe Sketch

This is a Korean-oriented café with a Korean flavor. Recently, it has become increasingly popular among women who especially like and admire Korea. The sweets and other items have their roots in Korea, specializing in appearance and sweetness, and the interior goods have a cute atmosphere with a bit of a playful spirit, as if from the real Korea. You can easily feel the atmosphere of Korea even in Osaka.

Colorful and sweet cake with Korean specifications

Korean-style cakes are rich in color. The colorful and gorgeous appearance is a visual feast for the eyes. Bite-sized cakes in cups are easy for women to eat, and are naturally popular and the sweetest of all. The variety of small cakes is also a unique and enjoyable feature of the shop.
The sweetness and melt-in-your-mouth texture hidden in the cute, compact appearance impresses many people. We hope you will try it.

"Store Information "
Name: Cafe Sketch
Address: Click Kitahorie 2F, 1-15-11 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Business hours: 12:00 - close when gone
Closed: No holidays
Budget: ³,000 - ³,999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space and facilities: Stylish space, calm atmosphere, lovely interior

The Mark Coffee Supply Osaka

This is a very fashionable café that brings to the forefront the trend of Shinsaibashi, a town of young people and trends. At first glance, the brick interior may seem cheap, but its stripped-down look gives the place a nice flavor. Furthermore, the interior is decorated with neon lights, creating an atmosphere of mismatch that makes you think you are in another world.

Super retro and super cute!

One of the main attractions of this restaurant is the overly cute drinks and their glasses, which inevitably look great on SNS. The elaborateness and attractiveness of this restaurant is one of the best in the Shinsaibashi area.
A refreshing cream soda is topped with sweet, melting vanilla ice cream. This was a very common sight at Showa-era retro coffee shops, but it is a way of enjoying soda that has been fading into the shadows in recent years. This kind of nostalgic juice stirs up the childlike spirit of the past.
The glasses are also full of playfulness, and the colorful glasses painted in homage to American comic book characters of yesteryear are fun to look at.

Floats in Disney character glasses are also popular. At the top, cookies are served in a shape reminiscent of the characters.
This cute and retro look of vintage clothing has been well received by the trendy young people who are the main demographic in the Shinsaibashi area.

"Store Information "
Address: 2-5-19 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone number: 06-6586-9106
Business hours: 10:00 - 20:00
Closed: No holidays
Budget: ³,000 - ³,999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space and Facilities: Stylish space, stand-up drinking available, lovely interior

Cafe No.

This café is slowly gaining popularity in Osaka and is expanding its store network. The interior has a warm, wood-based atmosphere, and is the most comfortable and friendly of all the cafes in the Shinsaibashi "area. The coffee is served in bottles that are sure to be a hit on SNS, and the macaroons are minimalist and cute, and are said to be like jewels. This attention to detail is sure to capture the hearts of women who love all things cute.

Grab the hearts of women! Cute drinks and sweets down to the smallest detail!

The charm of this café is its drinks and sweets that are cute in every detail. This is what captures the hearts of young women who are sensitive to cute and fashionable things. The drinks range from standard coffee to milk-based sweet treats. Furthermore, all drinks are served in bottle-like cases instead of glasses or cups. This makes you feel happy because you know that the drink you ordered is "your own ".
In addition, all of the sweets are first-rate and go well with the drinks. Aside from their cute little appearance, you will definitely feel satisfied with the sweetness and flavor concentrated in them.

"Store Information "
Name: cafe no.
Address: 1-15-17 Kita Horie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Business hours: (weekdays) 11:00-19:00 (Sat. & Sun.) 10:00-19:00
Regular day off: irregular
Budget: ³,000 - ³,999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space and facilities: Stylish space, lovely interior

wad omotenashi café

A bit different from the other cafes we have introduced so far, this café has a Japanese taste with a strong emphasis on harmony. However, it is not a traditional coffee shop, but rather a mash-up of the traditional Japanese atmosphere of calmness and refinement to suit today's young people, which is somewhat innovative and appealing.

Retro and modern! Enjoy a relaxing and healing time in the calm store.

The old-fashioned Japanese sweets have been beautifully modified to meet the needs of young people visiting Shinsaibashi. The drink is based on tea, with a Western sweetness added, making it easy for anyone to enjoy. The accompanying tea sweets are also not too sweet, but they bring out the original aroma of the tea in the drink and do not compete with it. The drink and the tea sweets are in harmony and complement each other.

"Store Information "
Name: wad omotenashi cafe
Address: 2F, Toshin Building, 4-9-3 Minami-Senba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone number: 06-4708-3616
Business hours: 10:00-19:00 (L.O.18:30)
Regular day off: irregular
Budget: ³,000 - ³,999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space and Facilities: Stylish space, lovely decor, counter seating available

café tugine

Following the previous restaurant, this is another Japanese-style café that has become popular in recent years. The tea is sweetened with Japanese tea, and its Japanese-inspired taste is very popular among young people as well. The exterior and interior design remind one of a high-class ryotei (Japanese-style restaurant). The magnificent land and the restaurant's interior are close to the image of a high-class ryotei restaurant in a hot spring resort area, and its sudden appearance in the urban Shinsaibashi area creates a unique world view. The tea and sweets served here are exceptional. Please come and enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility.

Very popular! Mitarashi dumplings with an irresistible savory aroma!

Mitarashi dumplings are very popular at this noble store. The dumplings, which look as if they have been soaked in a jar of secret sauce, have a unique appearance and a deep flavor. The sauce not only has the sweetness of sugar, but also the spiciness, saltiness, and richness of soy sauce, as well as a slightly roasted aroma. The sauce is not only sweet and sugary, but also spicy, salty, and rich with soy sauce, and has a slightly roasted aroma. The sweetness is moderate, so it can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages. We hope you will experience a relaxing atmosphere that is a cut above the rest.
"Store Information "
Name: Cafe Tsugine
Address: 1-7-31 Shikitsu Higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone number: 06-6641-5886
Business hours: 11:00-17:45
Regular day off: irregular
Budget: ³,000 - ³,999
Smoking ban and smoking:Cigarette sharing
Space & Facilities: Stylish space, lovely interior, counter seating available, open terrace


This is another popular café that has gained a following in the area. It is located in the Shinsaibashi area, but is also close to Horie. Horie is a town of vintage clothing and fashion. Young people who are sensitive to trends and fashion visit the area in droves, leading to a boom in the area. Perhaps in recognition of the fashionable town of Horie, a clothing store is located on the ground floor of the café. After taking a rest at the café, you can enjoy shopping for clothes.

Firm rice is also very popular! Stylish rice sticks with young people!

This café is somewhat different from the typical café with strong desserts and drinks, and is so first-rate that it can compete even with its delicious food. The menu items available for lunch take the high road, such as curry and hamburgers, but as is typical of restaurants in this area, nutrition and appearance are also taken into consideration. The menu uses relatively healthy ingredients, making it a good choice for women, and its cute and colorful appearance is sure to be a hit on social media. Please visit this café where you can enjoy a menu that is both healthy and visually appealing, while still providing a solid taste.

"Store Information "
Address: 2F EASE, 2-17-2 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone number: 06-6537-7155
Business hours: [Monday-Saturday] 11:00-20:00 [Sunday, Holidays] 10:00-19:00
Closed: 3rd Wednesday of the month
Budget: ³,000 - ³,999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space & Facilities: Stylish space, lovely interior, counter seating available, sofa seating available


This café is highly recommended for women who specialize in cuteness. The interior of the store is based on pinkish colors, which will tickle the hearts of women who are looking for cuteness. Also, the shop is decorated with many unusual foreign goods, so you can enjoy the atmosphere of a fairy tale with a very fancy and fairy tale-like atmosphere. Women who like such sweet and royal "cute "will surely have fun if they visit the store.

Anyway, it's cute! A space for fairy tale girls.

We have already talked about the cuteness of the interior and the restaurant's structure, but the food served at this restaurant is also meticulously prepared, and you can feel the cuteness to the fullest.
The coffee is a very nice shade with a light, slightly pinkish appearance. The float is served on top of it in the shape of an animal, and a small spoon is topped with a very miniature sugar cube. It must be fun for women to enjoy this complete fairy tale world, which is so perfect that it is almost too good to eat.

"Store Information "
Name: iRene
Address: 101, 1-2-9 Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone number: 06-6484-7797
Business hours: [Tue-Sat] 11:00-18:30
Closed: Sunday and Monday
Budget: ¥2,000 - ¥2,999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space and facilities: Stylish space, lovely interior

Chihiro Confectionery

Last but not least is this store. "As the name "Confectionary Shop "" suggests, this store has absolute confidence in its sweets, and every single one of its sweets is of the highest caliber. The taste of their sweets has made many people's tastebuds roar, and they have been highly praised on the Internet and elsewhere. The golden sweets that have been carefully researched and made to perfection are well worth a visit. We hope you will try them.

One of the best in the Shinsaibashi area! Exquisite sweet treats!

The sweets menu has a wide variety, and many people can find a flavor that they love. In the winter, the Mont Blanc made with purple sweet potatoes is especially popular. In the cold season, sweet potatoes are in season, and they are used to make the Mont Blanc cream. The sweetness of the sweet potatoes on the palate and the mellow, melt-in-your-mouth texture are a sight to behold. The high degree of perfection and careful preparation of this sweet is a work of art, and we hope you will try it.

"Store Information "
Store name: Chihiro Confectionery Shop
Address: 1-25-13 Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 1F
Phone number: 06-6585-9515
Business hours: 11:00-19:00
Regular day off: irregular
Budget: ³,000 - ³,999
No smoking and no eating: No smoking at all seats
Space and Facilities: Stylish space, lovely decor, counter seating available


Thank you for reading this far. The Shinsaibashi area is a town of youth and fashion, and all the cafes have a cute, fashionable, and youth-conscious atmosphere.
Each café has its own strengths and charms, and we recommend that you enjoy visiting several cafés on your days off, and we encourage you to experience the appeal of various cafés.
We hope we have been able to help you choose the best café for you.

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