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[Kyoto ]Now popular and unique "Neo Izakaya "4

[Kyoto ]Now popular and unique "Neo Izakaya "4

2022-09-07 Management office

"Neo Izakaya "refers to an izakaya that retains a slightly old-fashioned retro feel in the store's tatami, but is arranged in a fashionable way so that it can be enjoyed by young people and women.
Recently, "Neo Izakaya "is often talked about on SNS and other social networking sites. In Kyoto, a major tourist destination, there are many neo izakaya that have recently become very popular.
Therefore, in this article, we will introduce some popular neo izakaya in Kyoto.
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Wine Lemon

Opened in August 2018, this neo izakaya restaurant has become popular for its delicious food and photo-worthy atmosphere on social media.
As the name suggests, the restaurant offers many lemon-based drinks and food items, many of which are Italian on the menu.
It is better to make a reservation when visiting the restaurant, as it has recently become especially popular and is always crowded.

Stylish retro appearance

The retro exterior of "Sakeba Graduates "with the signboard with the menu written in bold letters. The contrast between the sign and the blue door and the logo written on the glass is a recent fashionable atmosphere, creating the unique and attractive space of the retro yet modern "Sakeba Graduates ".
The lighting installed at regular intervals also gives the impression of an overseas bar, creating the impression of a warm retreat.

Easy to enter and brightly lit

The interior of "Tavern Graduates "is designed to have a large number of seats and an open atmosphere despite being a tavern.
Orange lighting brightly illuminates the interior, making it a bright space that is easy to enter for those who do not drink alcohol or for women.

Wide variety of lemon sours

As the name suggests, this izakaya has many lemon-based menu items.
There is a very wide variety of lemon sours on the liquor menu.
You can enjoy a variety of lemon sours, from the basic to the slightly unusual, including the signature "classic lemon sour ", the "salted lemon sour ", which is great for the hot season, and the "limoncello lemon sour ", a menu item using lemon liqueur from Italy.

Specialty "Graduates Bean Curd "

"The Bar Lemon Graduates "is one of the signature dishes here "Graduates Mapo Tofu ".
This non-reddish type of mapo doufu uses a dashi broth with a gentle salty flavor as its seasoning base.
Lemon pulp and homemade spicy oil are added to the bean curd, resulting in a bean curd that is not only gentle but also slightly spicy and stimulated by the sourness of the lemon, which can be tasted only at this restaurant.

Popular Menu "half-boiled egg tempura "

A half-boiled egg tempura topped with prosciutto and cheese is one of the most popular items on this menu. "It is one of the most popular menu items ordered by many visitors to the Bar Lemon ".
The exquisitely semi-cooked egg yolk, which melts when cut with a knife and fork, is mixed with rich cheese and salty prosciutto ham, creating a flavor that goes well with alcoholic beverages.
Of course, it goes great with a refreshing lemon sour.

[Store Locations
Store name: Sakaba Lemon
Address: 514 Masuya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8053, Japan
Budget: from ¥2000 per person
Space & Facilities: 39 seats, no private rooms, no smoking until 11pm, no parking, modern space
Phone number: 075-252-8070
URL: https://sakabalemon.amebaownd.com/

Gyoza Ciao Ciao Shijo Kawaramachi

Each one is handmade in the store

It is a neo izakaya famous for its crispy, savory dumplings. "Ciao Ciao Gyoza Shijo Kawaramachi ".
The dumplings at this restaurant are handmade one by one every day by the staff.
The dumplings are served with a special attention to detail, with a delicious taste because they are freshly made.

Enjoy various kinds of dumplings Regular dumplings

You can enjoy many kinds of gyoza at "Ciao Ciao Gyoza Shijo Kawaramachi ".
The gyoza served as a standard item among them is an unusual dish with square-shaped grilled wings.
The most popular item on the menu, these dumplings are delicious with just the right amount of browning and crispy bite.

Chicken cheese dumpling

You can also enjoy an interesting gyoza menu that you don't often see. "Ciao Ciao Gyoza Shijo Kawaramachi ".
This one is called "Tori Cheese Gyoza ". It is a perfect snack with mozzarella cheese wrapped in light minced chicken. The combination of the melted cheese and black pepper flavor is so delicious that you can eat as much as you want despite the richness of the dumpling.

Shijo-Kawaramachi Original Gyoza

"Chao Chao Gyoza Shijo Kawaramachi "offers "No-Meat Gyoza "as a limited menu item at this location.
One of them is this "Shiva pickled dumpling ". The pink color of the filling, which is kneaded with pickled shiva, is surprisingly clear and stays that way even after being baked. The refreshing Shiva-zuke goes well with the dumplings.
This is a great menu item for vegans and health-conscious people, and at the same time, it offers a taste of Kyoto, where pickles are a specialty.

Open look without the tavern feel

The exterior of this restaurant has a simple design that looks like a Chinese restaurant.
The atmosphere is open, without the intimidating or cluttered feeling that makes people hesitate to enter, making it an easy place for anyone to visit.

Attractive staff with cheerful responses.

"The best thing about Chao Chao Gyoza Shijo Kawaramachi "is its cheerful staff.
The manager and many other cheerful and talkative staff members are always laughing, which creates the lively and cheerful atmosphere of this restaurant.
It is a wonderful neo izakaya characterized by an open atmosphere that is equally enjoyable whether you visit alone or with several people.

[Store Locations
Name: Gyoza Ciao Ciao Shijo Kawaramachi
Address: 312-1 Junpo-cho, Shijo-sagaru, Kawaramachi-Dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Budget: from 1000 yen per person
Space & Facilities: No private rooms, good access, lively space
Phone number: 075-353-262
URL: https://www.gyozakeikaku.com/shop/list/detail/18

Neo Kyoto Azi to Oto Sanjo

Insta-worthy design

Designed in purple and black, the exterior of this restaurant does not look very much like a tavern from the outside.
The neon sign in place of the sign indicating the name of the restaurant is an Instagram-worthy exterior, and many people take pictures outside the restaurant.

Inorganic interior like a Korean café

"One of the features of Neokyo Azi to Oto "is the inorganic atmosphere of the interior, which has a bit of a back alley feel to it.
This artificially created space, similar to the "inorganic cafes "that have recently caught on in Korea, has become a hot topic on Instagram and other social networking sites for its photogenic qualities.

Cute looking drinks

This restaurant has alcoholic beverages, of course, but also offers soft drinks such as "honey lemonade ". Furthermore, all cocktails made at the restaurant can be changed to non-alcoholic drinks, so even those who do not like alcohol can enjoy them.
The cocktails all have unique names. Pictured here is a cocktail named "Cranberry and Calpis with a Taste of First Love ".
In addition, you can also enjoy unique "Neo-Kyoto Azi to Oto "style cocktails such as the lemon flavored "cocktail for heartbreak "and the "Pom Pom Pudding Pudding Cocktail ", which is filled with pudding and caramel liqueur.
The entire menu is available for take-out, so you can take your cocktail back to your own home or the hotel where you are staying to enjoy it.

DJ stays after 6pm

"Neokyoto Azi to Oto "has a DJ after 6:00 p.m., so you can enjoy the groovy music played by the DJ while having drinks and other drinks.
In addition to music, there is also a projector showing videos. They often play K-pop songs and music videos in this restaurant, so it is especially recommended for those who like K-pop.
At midnight, this restaurant switches from a tavern business to a nightclub business, so if you stay here, you can enjoy the nightclub at the same time.

[Store Locations
Name: Neokyo Azi to Oto
Address: 1F Kiyamachi Amuseum Building, 267-3 Kitakurumaya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8021, Japan
Budget: from ¥2000 per person
Space and Facilities: No charge, open late at night, nightclub, instagrammable space.
Phone number: 075-366-5839

Night market dim sum bar Good

"Night Market-like Dim Sum Tavern 好 "is a popular neo izakaya (Japanese-style pub) that was created in the image of a Taiwanese night market. The Corona disaster has made it impossible to easily travel abroad these days, but this restaurant, which offers the feeling of traveling to Taiwan while still being in Kyoto, has gained a high reputation, especially among young people.
This restaurant is located in an easy-to-understand location and is very accessible. It is only a 5-minute walk from Karasuma Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line, so it is also a good place to go when you are on a short trip and don't have much time, or when you return late after a night of drinking.

The atmosphere is as if you were really in Taiwan.

The exterior features bright colors, lanterns and dazzling lights like those of a Taiwanese night market. The atmosphere makes you feel as if you are in a place not in Japan.

Colorful interior

The restaurant "is an old private house that has been repurposed into a restaurant. "is a night market-style dim sum bar.
Different from the fashionable European style, the store has a slightly unfamiliar and exotic feel with many primary colors, which is fresh and fun.

Authentic Chinese cuisine

Not only is the design stylish, but what you can enjoy at this izakaya is authentic Chinese cuisine.
The dim sum, especially the xiaolongbao, is exquisite and authentic, served with sauce and shredded ginger on top.
You can enjoy flavorful and delicious dishes that often draw lines.
Incidentally, the spiciness of the dishes is at a level close to that of the real thing, so those who do not like spicy food should be a little careful.

[Store Locations
Name: Umaru-go, the night market snack bar
Address: 21-2, Kakugiyama-cho, Nishi-Toin, Shijo-dori Shin-machi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Budget: from 3,000 yen per person
Space & Facilities: 70 seats, non-smoking, no private rooms, can be rented out, Wi-Fi available, no parking, exotic space
Phone number: 050-5828-1067
URL: https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ001280054/


This article is about the popular "neo izakaya "in Kyoto, Japan.
You can enjoy a different kind of fun from regular izakaya at "Neo Izakaya ". When you come to Kyoto, have a good time at the stylish and unique Neo Izakaya introduced in this article.

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