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NGK] Introducing Grand Kagetsu in Namba! Authentic Osaka comedy that even comedy beginners can enjoy!

NGK] Introducing Grand Kagetsu in Namba! Authentic Osaka comedy that even comedy beginners can enjoy!

2023-03-20 Management office

Many people may have a strong impression that Osaka is known for its comedy, and Namba Grand kagetsu is known for its comedy.
For those who want to see a real comedy performance when they come to Osaka, the Namba Grand kagetsu is the place to go.
You can laugh and create wonderful memories in a fun space packed with comedy, including manzai, comedy comedy, and Yoshimoto Shinkigeki.
We hope you will have access to it when you come to Osaka.
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It is a well-known headquarter of comedy!

The area of Osaka is the undisputed headquarters of comedy, but it is this Namba Grand kagetsu that pushes up and strongly exaggerates that impression.
Even for those who are not interested in comedy, Namba Grand kagetsu is an authoritative spot that makes you feel as if it were a sacred place like Koshien in baseball, Hanazono in rugby, or Budokan in music.
The Yoshimoto Manzai Theater on the opposite side of the building is a theater with a short history, having been in operation for only eight years. While the theater's main focus is to discover the next generation of comedy stars who will be popular on TV and who will appear in the M-1 Grand Prix, Namba Grand kagetsu only allows completed comedians to appear.
Detailed names will be introduced later, but this is a sacred stage where only selected performers, such as Kamigata manzai (Kansai-style comic storytellers) and veteran comedians who are known as masters, and performers with outstanding achievements and name recognition, can perform.

Comedy that can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages is especially recommended for sightseeing!

The comedians who perform at the Yoshimoto Manzai Theater aim to compete in the M-1 Grand Prix and King of Contest, and pursue the latest material.
They choose material that fits the current trends of the times, develop inventive material, and in some cases, they have polished material that is crammed full of blurbs at high speed, which is known as "competitive manzai".
These are also very funny and provide heat and stimulation, but in this respect, NGK offers a more traditional type of comedy.
There is blurriness and there is comedy. It is a comedy for the masses that everyone can understand, entertaining men and women of all ages.

A sacred place where only the most prestigious comedians representing Kamigata and Kansai can stand!

As introduced in another article, "Yoshimoto Manzai Gekijo" has nearly 50 groups of members who belong to the theater and are benched as fixed regulars, but this Namba Grand kagetsu has no restrictions on members.
The performers are all skilled comedians from all over Japan, especially from Kansai, the sacred land of comedy in the Kamigata region of Japan.
Here is a live environment that makes you keenly aware of the magnitude of the presence of master comedians and very popular national-level comedians who would like to be onstage doing stories for the rest of their lives.

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Specific examples of contestant comedians and incense board charts

We would like to introduce some specific examples of the participating comedians and an example of an incense board chart, and hope that you can envision the volume of the performances at Namba Grand kagetsu.
The top batsmen are relatively new comedians, selected mainly from young Kansai comedians such as the finalist class of the M-1 Grand Prix and mainstay members of the Yoshimoto Manzai Theater.
From there, the stage career gradually progressed, and more and more master-class and super-popular comedians appeared on the stage. The lineup ranges from the very famous and well-known faces of Yoshimoto, such as All Hanshin Giant, Tommy's, The Bonchi, and Kiyoshi Nishikawa, to the very famous M-1 winners, such as Wagyu, Milk Boy, Kamaitachi, Tutorial, Football Hour, and many others. The program will feature a wide range of famous comedians.
Even those who do not know comedians can enjoy a wide range of audiences because they can see comedians who are known as great comic performers.
The performance time is more than two hours and the volume is excellent. The reason for the longer performance time, even though there are fewer performers than at the Yoshimoto Manzai Theater, is the longer time per performer.
The leisurely, relaxed storytelling that revolves around the chatter is very comfortable to listen to, and anyone, young or old, male or female, can spend a fulfilling time with the program.
The Yoshimoto Shinkigeki play that intersperses the program is also substantial in length, allowing the audience to enjoy as much of Yoshimoto's famous comedy as possible.

Performances are held daily!

Performances at Namba Grand kagetsu are held almost every day, whether on weekdays or holidays.
On weekdays, performances labeled "main performance" are the main attraction, with two performances starting at about 10:00 a.m., consisting of the standard Shinkigeki plus comedy material as introduced earlier.
It is also convenient for tourists and those who take paid holidays to access the theater, as long as they do not have a long schedule.
In the evening, the Namba Grand kagetsu stage will be used for a unique performance.
This is a slightly different type of event, with live performances planned by young comedians, solo performances, and Yose performances of stories only, with no master-class performers.
Recently, Go Shogi, Navy's Afro, and COWCOW have held solo shows.

On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the festival is a full-scale performance festival!

On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, there are basically four "main performances" in a row.
Performances are held throughout the day, from morning to night, making it ideal for tourists. Rakugo performances and other theatrical performances are rarely so densely packed with entertainment.
In this respect, too, one gets the impression that this is Yoshimoto under the right roof. It is precisely because of this environment that Osaka has become a city of comedy, where comedy is so popular and can be seen on a daily basis.
We hope that visitors from other prefectures will also be able to make memories of Osaka by taking advantage of the environment in which comedy can be seen in such a casual manner.

Rates! A little higher than Mangueki, but also ......

We have mentioned that we have an extremely splendid group of comedians and an extremely full schedule of live performances.
We would also like to talk about what the prices are for such performances at Namba Grand kagetsu.

Around 4000 yen is the price for this performance

I would like to focus on this performance, but the price range is around 4,000 yen.
The reason for the ambiguous description is that Namba Grand kagetsu is a two-story building. There are seats on the first floor, where you can watch the comedy from almost the same vantage point as the performers, and seats on the second floor, where you can look down from above.
The latter has a very good view, but the distance from the stage is a bit far, which is why the price is lower at 4,300 yen.
The former is 4,800 yen with an additional 500 yen. Which seat you prefer depends on your personal sense of value, but personally, I know that the second floor seats are fine.
You will be able to see the comedy well and will not have poor visibility or be too far away to enjoy the environment. Please note that the lower price does not mean that you can see the performer's face clearly.

At a nearby store, you can buy goods from the comedian you are guessing!

Namba Grand kagetsu is the headquarter of comedy and has a permanent store directly next to it called "Yoshimoto Entertainment Shop.
The selection of goods here is outstanding, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that they have a complete lineup of goods related to Yoshimoto.

Books, DVDs, interesting goods, souvenirs, and everything else!

In this store, you will find many things you want and your purchasing power will be fueled.
For example, books published by comedians, magazines related to comedians, or DVDs of live performances, and goods such as stickers and straps to wear your favorite comedian.
For tourists, there are souvenirs such as sweets, and to top it all off, they even have some pretty core interesting items (such as Yoshimoto Shinkigeki nipple drill sticks and eggplant headdresses worn by Tenjirushi Kawahara). (To be specific, there is a nipple drill stick from Yoshimoto Shinkigeki, an eggplant headdress worn by Jersey Mouse Kawahara, and so on.)
These entertaining and interesting products are sure to be a hit when you buy them and take them home. Please be sure to check out such products as a souvenir of your visit to Osaka.

Information on how to apply for tickets!

Finally, we would like to discuss the ticket application process.
We hope you will secure a ticket and experience the actual comedy of Namba Grand kagetsu.

Tickets available mainly online and at the theater box office.

Namba Grand kagetsu tickets can be purchased either online or in person. As a theater that attracts a wide range of people of all ages and genders, it is nice to be able to secure tickets without relying solely on online purchasing.
If you are online, you can purchase tickets from Yoshimoto's special website called "FANY Ticket" on the first day of the month before the performance. If you want to make sure you will be there, or if you are sure you will be going to Namba Grand kagetsu, we recommend you to purchase tickets as early as possible, but it is rare for tickets to be sold out immediately at this stage.
Since this performance is held every day, it is difficult for the phenomenon to occur that tickets are sold only on this day on a dare.
The ticket prices are also a bit high and the number of seats is large to begin with, giving the impression that it is less likely to be contested than the Mangueki.
In-person ticket sales, however, will begin the day after the online general sale date. It is rare that people want to buy tickets in person that early, but please be aware of this just in case.
Many tickets are sold even on the day of the show, and as you pass by the theater, unknown comedians' eggs are advertising their tickets by calling in.
Admission from the middle of the day is also encouraged, and tickets to see only Shinkigeki, for example, are often sold at a discount on the day of the show.
Please keep this one under control as well.


Thank you for reading this far.
Enjoy the experience of a lifetime at this sacred place of Kamigata comedy culture, which should be called the "Manzai Hall of Fame".

[Access information
8 minutes walk from "Namba Station" of each subway line

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