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[Osaka ]7 unique, slightly different and interesting hotels in Osaka, the city of laughter

[Osaka ]7 unique, slightly different and interesting hotels in Osaka, the city of laughter

2021-06-16 Management office

In this article, we will introduce some unique, slightly different, and interesting hotels in Osaka. We feel that many people may have an image of Osaka as a fun place to stay due to its culture of comedy, etc. However, there are also fun hotels that are somewhat quirky and fun to stay at that do not live up to that image. The potential for stories and laughs is great, and if you want to have a special moment that you would not otherwise experience, please take a look at this page.


First of all, I would like to introduce you to this hotel. This is a dormitory-type hotel, which has become well established worldwide in recent years. The dormitory type is a type of lodging where you share a room with other people for the night, which is attractive not only because of its low price, but also because you can meet new people, which is recommended for those who want to have a sharp and exciting experience. Here, you can choose between mixed gender rooms and rooms composed only of women, so women traveling alone can use the rooms with peace of mind.

The bookshelves in the common space are as abundant as a library! Stylish and never boring space

One of the attractions of this dormitory is the large bookshelf and its collection of books in the common space. The volume of books is so impressive that it could be mistaken for a library, and you will definitely want to take pictures of it when you visit. You will of course meet people, but you will also encounter books that you have never read before. When you stay at the library, please spend a relaxing and blissful time with your favorite book.

"Hotel Information "
Address: Shinsaibashi Daiwa Building 2F, 1-12-20 Higashi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone number: 06-4708-7441
Budget: ¥5100~
Space & Facilities: Stylish space, relaxed atmosphere

[Osaka ]The most photogenic hotels in Osaka! Definitely Instagram-worthy!

STAY in the city AMEMURA

Next, we will introduce you to this hotel. This is a fun place to stay that captures the atmosphere of the fashionable and young town, Amerikamura. It also has a foreign atmosphere, and being able to experience something like a foreign country while being in Japan will be a good memory.

The fashionable and high-colored interior stimulates the aesthetic sense!

He is particular not only about the exterior but also about the interior. Inside there are many murals reminiscent of American culture, and you can experience the fashionable atmosphere of Ame-mura with all your senses. The design is sure to be a hit with the young and trendy who love the Ame-mura, making it a one-of-a-kind experience.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel name: STAY in the City AMEMURA
Address: 2-8-15, Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone number: 06-6575-7720
Budget: ¥8,313 - ¥11,222
Space & Facilities: Stylish space

Hotel Trusty Shinsaibashi

is a distinctive feature of the building, which provides a sublime atmosphere like a medieval European castle.
For those who want to stretch their wings a little and experience luxury and nobility, this is the place to be. It is sure to make your stay in Osaka even more special and memorable.

Rich interior design creates a special moment.

The interior is richly decorated to provide you with a truly exceptional experience. In the winter season, a Christmas tree stands proudly at the entrance, adding even more color to your special seasonal memories. The white color scheme also creates a noble and elegant space, offering an experience of a higher rank.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel name: Hotel Trusty Shinsaibashi
Address: 3-3-17 Minami-Funaba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
Phone number: 06-6244-9711
After calculation:¥3500~
Space and Facilities: Stylish and rich space

Henna Hotel Osaka Shinsaibashi

The next hotel we would like to introduce is this one. As the name suggests, "advocates a strange hotel ", and we think it is perfect for this special feature. The name tickles our interest very much, and we recommend it for those who want a sharp and special experience. Below is a deep dive into what is different about it.

Anyway, the unusual interior is interesting and playful!

Two dinosaurs welcome you at the entrance. The atmosphere is so new and fun that it reminds us of other worlds such as "Jurassic Park ".

There are also a large number of small robots, which also give off a futuristic atmosphere. It is hard to convey in the picture, but they are actually very cute and keep moving in a detailed manner. With playfulness and entertainment scattered throughout the hotel, this hotel is guaranteed to stimulate your childlike spirit.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel name: Henna Hotel Osaka Shinsaibashi
Address: 3-5-2 Minami-Senba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone number: 050-5576-8350
Budget: ¥3339~
Space and facilities: Stylish space, unusual atmosphere

Hostel Mitsuwaya Osaka

This hotel is located in the Shinsaibashi area and is reminiscent of a Japanese-style private home. The interior is based on wood, creating a warm atmosphere. However, as with any lodging facility, cleanliness and neatness are guaranteed, making this a hotel where you can spend your time with peace of mind. The hotel is not only popular among Japanese who want to forget their daily lives, but also among foreign visitors to Japan, as it is sprinkled with Japanese taste. The hotel is also actively recommended for single guests as it gives you a warm feeling, and it is truly a hotel that pushes out an at-home atmosphere.

The warm wood-grain interior will warm your mood!

As I described earlier about the interior, I feel that the warm atmosphere can be further conveyed if you look at the actual photos. The entrance is also decorated with various shades of wood to create a gentle atmosphere. The entrance is also decorated with various shades of wood to create a gentle atmosphere, and the chalk and props are decorated in a glittering manner, making you feel happy just by looking at them. A moment spent in such a space will definitely become a vivid memory and an experience of a lifetime.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: Hostel Mitsuwaya Osaka
Address: 2-5-15, Waya-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
Phone number: 06-6711-0818
I have to calculate:¥2500~
Space and facilities: stylish, rich, warm atmosphere

Wakko Shimoji-cho

This hotel is also designed with a Japanese taste. The stone tatami mats at the entrance, the wooden gate reminiscent of a Shinto shrine, and the crimson noren (bamboo blind) create a sense of luxury and refinement. We recommend this hotel for those who wish to stay in a Japanese-style hotel with a relaxed atmosphere.

What a great vegetarian meal! If you are looking for a unique experience, this is the place for you!

The rice served at this hotel is vegetarian food. The vegetarian cuisine served at this hotel is simple and light, but the flavor of the ingredients can be felt even though it is light, and it is a dish that warms both the body and the soul. Here, too, you can feel the attitude of following the good old traditions of Japan, and you can have a special time that you can hardly experience in any other hotel.
The experience of having various types of Japanese food served in small bowls and eating them shippily will be a truly memorable one.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: Wakuu Shitadera-machi
Address: 2-5-12 Shimoteracho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Phone number: 06-6775-7020
Budget: ¥6187~
Space and facilities: Stylish space, rich space, warm atmosphere, Japanese style

Namba Dotonbori Hotel

Lastly, I would like to introduce you to "Namba Dotonbori Hotel ". As the last hotel in this article, I would like to introduce this hotel, which has a great impact. The name of the hotel itself is orthodox and simple, so it does not look different from other hotels, but what makes this hotel a noun is the flamboyant objet d'art at the front entrance. It is a mysterious object with the atmosphere of ancient Greece, and it looks very unusual with a large man's face attached to the four pillars and large feet directly under it. Once you see it, you will never forget it, and it is definitely immense in its impact and sharpness, as if it could appear in your dreams. If you are attracted to unusual design and mysterious atmosphere, please visit this place.

The service is solid and first class! Service you can rely on!

Although the hotel's appearance may have a strong visual impact, when you stay at the hotel, you will find that the service and support are first-rate, just like a first-class hotel. Even the food is fun to look at, with a variety of colorful small plates that ensure nutritional balance. They are sure to satisfy your stomach. The plates are made of vintage foreign ceramics, giving them a retro cuteness that matches the image of the hotel, and a somewhat unusual and fashionable appearance. I admire the business philosophy that pays attention to detail and creates a cohesive atmosphere throughout the hotel. For those who like this kind of atmosphere, the hotel is sure to be a perfect fit.
We hope you will enjoy your stay in Osaka and have a pleasant time at this hotel.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: Namba Dotombori Hotel
Address: 2-3-25 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Phone number: 06-6213-9040
Budget: ¥9091~
Space and Facilities: Stylish and unusual space


Thank you for reading this article so far. As I mentioned at the beginning, Osaka is a city of entertainment, and there are many hotels with a playful and entertaining atmosphere. In this article, we have focused on the sharp points of these hotels.
If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, we hope this article will help you have an enjoyable stay in Osaka.

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