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A special seat in Dotonbori "Live music cruise on the Tonbori River JAZZ Boat "!

A special seat in Dotonbori "Live music cruise on the Tonbori River JAZZ Boat "!

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Basic Information

The Tombori River JAZZ Boat is a luxurious special cruise along the Dotonbori with live jazz music. It has become very popular in recent years despite being available only from April to November. It offers you an opportunity to enjoy the neon lights of Osaka with live music, over the span of 40 minutes. Due to the pandemic, the period of operation has been changed for 2021, running from September 4 to November 23 on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays only.
There are instruments like tambourines and maracas on board that you can borrow and rather than simply enjoy the performance you can actually participate as well. Since the nearby neon-lit Minami area has a long history with Jazz, it will create the perfect background for your cruise.
Enjoy the cruise your way, whether you would like to simply enjoy the music or take part in the performance, or just simply wave at the passersby marveling at your dazzling cruise.
Please be advised that the Tombori River JAZZ Boat has a different boarding point than the Tombori River Cruise, located at the Minatomachi Boat Terminal on the north side of the Minatomachi River Place. The fare is also different: 1,800 yen for adults, 1,000 yen for students, and free for elementary school students and younger.
The boat does not have a roof, so it will suspend operation in case of rain. Each ride is limited to 15 people and usually runs once an hour at 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 17:30, 18:30, and 19:30. Tickets can be purchased at River Station Minato-machi, and it is recommended to complete boarding procedures at least 15 minutes in advance.

Feel your boat meld into the city

The Tombori River JAZZ Cruise is quite renowned in the Minami area, which on its own has a long history and strong ties with Jazz. As the cruise boat sails along the Dotonbori it is bound to turn a lot of heads of the locals, who might even join in on the fun in their own way, effectively melding your cruise boat into the flashy city.
Even if you might not be that familiar with Jazz yourself, the performers will play a few songs that are either easy to follow and get into, or some of the world-renowned classic hits pretty much everybody heard before.
There are simple instruments like tambourines and maracas available for those who would like to participate directly in the performance. You can also bring your own instruments and do a real live jam session! It goes without saying that taking pictures is ok and you will hardly get a better snapshot than from the cruise boat. Commemorative snapshots with the musicians are also perfectly fine.
The cruise will take you underneath the 9 bridges of Dotonbori, so feel free to wave at the passerby as you sail below the bridges and they will surely wave back. The flashy yellow boat is sure to attract attention, but in the Minami area where there is fun galore that might be a good thing as you can party it up with simple strangers as you sail by.

Under the bridge(s)

This cruise will also take you under the 9 bridges of Dotonbori. The boarding point differs from the Tombori River Cruise and the atmosphere of this cruise is completely different, so it is a great choice even if you use the standard cruise already.
Tombori River JAZZ Boat sets sail from the Minatomachi River Plaza, sails to the suspended
Ukiniwa Bridge, before making a U-turn at the Fukari Bridge and heading to port.
Ukiniwa has a leisure zone with benches and lawns whilst the Fukari Bridge is one of the main approaches to the busy JR Namba Station, both bustling with people whose interest you might pique.
Next, the cruise passes under the massive arch-type Daikoku Bridge. Despite the low ceiling the boat gets quite close to the underside of the bridge, a guaranteed thrill. After that the boat heads to the vermilion-colored Shin-Ebisu Bridge. At its foot you can see a statue of the Bodhisattva Jizo, a popular local tourist attraction.
When you get to the Dotonbori Bridge, which runs along Midosuji, the area becomes even busier. The bridge is 43.6 meters wide and is very crowded. The Glico sign and all the bright neon lights shine brightly, giving the area its dazzling vibe, especially in the area between Dotonbori Bridge and Ebisu Bridge.
Ebisubashi Bridge intersects with the Shinsaibashisuji shopping street, where you can see Kani-Doraku and the big yellow Ferris wheel of Don Quijote. The street by Tazaemon Bridge is a popular spot for okonomiyaki and takoyaki stalls and restaurants.
After that comes Aioi-bashi, where irregular public events and performances are held. It leads to the Aioi-bashi-suji shopping street.
There are many ways to experience Dotonbori, but we highly recommend to enjoy the scenery first and to immerse yourself in the ambience and performances on the way back.

See the famous sights from the river!

The river cruise through Dotonbori offers an opportunity to take pictures of many famous spots in its vicinity.
Whether the famous bridges, the Dotonbori promenade with all the neon lights and animatronic store signs like the Kani Doraku, or the yellow Ferris wheel of Don Quijote, there is a lot to commemorate with a snapshot.
For really impressive pictures with shiny billboards and neon lights we highly recommend taking the Tombori River Jazz Boat cruise after sundown. You will get quite different shots compared to those you would be able to take on the street, enabling you to capture a truly extraordinary and precious experience with your camera.

Anyone can enjoy!

Popular among people of all ages, from children to the elderly, the Tonbori River JAZZ Boat is an activity that anyone and everyone can enjoy. It is already exciting just boarding the boat! Who knows, the experience might completely change your perspective of Osaka. There are multiple river cruises out there and some of them offer jazz performances, but the Tombori River JAZZ Boat is simply special. Above all, it is one of the few attractions that can bring complete strangers together and let them enjoy a few precious moments of music and fun together.
The funky and upbeat jazz performances are enjoyable to all age ranges, whether the young or the old. The cruise boat has seats on board chairs making it quite elderly-friendly, ensuring a comfortable, enjoyable experience.
It is also possible to bring your own musical instruments and make Dotonbori your stage with a professional jazz band!

In the vicinity

There are many tourist attractions near Dotonbori, where the Tombori River JAZZ Boat takes place.
The shopping streets of Ebisubashi-suji, Shinsaibashi-suji, Soemon-cho, Dotonbori, Sennichimae offer a lot to see, do and consume on their own, but there are also other great spots. For example the cozy Hozenji Yokocho alley, the Minatomachi River Place at the Minatomachi boat landing and more. The octagonal Minatomachi River Place comes equipped with a state of the art acoustic hall “Hatch” and an outdoor event plaza.
Right next to it you can find the Dotonbori River Walk, a popular spot for enjoying the cityscape at night. There are also restaurants and music bars here, making it a great spot to spend the night out.
We also recommend riding the Giant Ferris Wheel "Ebisu Tower", which can be seen from the boat. It is the world's first elliptical Ferris wheel and is the main attraction of Don Quijote. One ride takes about 15 minutes. There is also a special VR gondola called Ebisu Tower 360° VR Movie available. It makes you feel almost like you are floating and is a nice addition to the main ride, so it might be a good idea to take the regular Ferris wheel first and then the VR gondola after that.
Between Daikokubashi Bridge and Shin-Ebisu Bridge you can find Ame-mura (America Village), full of second-hand clothing stores and more. In addition to fashion and miscellaneous goods, it is also a popular spot for fans of various subcultures, as well as for mostly young people to enjoy eating the unique local street food.

<Venue Information>

Venue Name: Tombori River JAZZ Boat
Business Hours: 13:30 - 19:30
Business Days: April to November
Address: 〒542-0071 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Dotonbori 1-chome 6-7
Phone Number: 06-6441-0532
Access: 5 minutes from Yotsubashi Line Namba Station
5 minutes from JR Yamatoji Line Namba Station

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