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8 recommended hotels and inns in Okayama! You can fully enjoy the charms of Okayama!

8 recommended hotels and inns in Okayama! You can fully enjoy the charms of Okayama!

2022-07-08 Management office

"Okayama, the Land of Sunshine "is called Okayama Prefecture. As the name implies, the prefecture is famous for its sunny days and mild climate, and for its delicious seafood, mountain produce, and fruits. Okayama Prefecture is associated with historical images such as "Okayama Korakuen Garden "and "Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter ". However, that is not the only attraction of Okayama Prefecture. There are hotels and inns throughout the prefecture where you can experience the concentrated charm of Okayama. Long-established onsen ryokan. Classy and luxurious hotels. There are many hotels and inns that I would like to recommend, such as the stylish and luxurious Hotel .......
This article introduces various types of hotels and inns where you can enjoy the charms of Okayama. We hope you will visit them.
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HOTEL Limani

Resort in Okayama overlooking the Seto Inland Sea

This hotel is an upscale luxury hotel facing the Seto Inland Sea.
The exterior of the building, with its white base color that reflects the blue sky and blue accents, fills one with a resort-like feeling reminiscent of the Aegean Sea in Greece.
The location is Ushimado Town in Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture. It is famous for olive production due to its mild climate. It takes about 50 minutes by car from Okayama Station, but a free shuttle bus is available from Oku Station, the nearest station to the hotel.

The blue of the ocean and the vastness of the sky create a pleasant atmosphere!

The back of the hotel is a pleasant location that looks like it could be in a foreign movie. There are countless photo-worthy spots. The hotel is a place where you can spend active days surrounded by the blue of the sky and the sea, and relax at night, contemplating the sunset you will see from the hotel.

Rooms with a superb view of the city

The key point of this hotel is that you can overlook the Seto Inland Sea from any of the guest rooms. When you step out onto the terrace, the ocean view is right in front of you. The color of the sea changes depending on the time of day, so be sure to spend some time in the pleasant breeze.

A rich menu of activities to enhance your hotel life

Near the hotel, there is a famous tidal path that connects Kuroshima, Nakano-Kojima, and Hitano-Kojima around low tide. "Venus Road "is a famous place where the tidal path is formed around low tide. This hotel has a menu of activities that will take you to the islands when the tidal path floats out (reservations required). (Reservations required).
You may also add boat cruising, yacht cruising, SUP, and sea firefly viewing to your enjoyment at the hotel, as we offer a variety of other menus.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: HOTEL Limani
Address: 3900 Ushimado, Ushimado Town, Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture
Phone number: 0869-34-5500
Space and facilities: resort hotel, upscale, luxury

Resort & Spa Poppy Springs

This hotel is very stylish and warm, with the exterior, interior, and guest rooms incorporating California architectural styles.
The location is close to Yunogo Onsen, a hot spring that has been bubbling for 1,200 years, and is fed by the Yunogo Onsen source.
Yunogo Onsen is famous for its reputation for being good for wounds and for making your skin smooth and smooth, which is why it is also known as "Bijin no Yu ".
A free shuttle bus service is available from Okayama Station for your convenience.

Fragrant entrance with a foreign atmosphere

The interior of the building is illuminated by warm lights, and the uniformity of the California architectural style gives it a resort-like atmosphere.
In addition to the visual presentation, the moment one enters the hotel entrance, a pleasant aroma wafts through the air. One of the charms of this hotel is the warm space that soothes your daily fatigue and puts your mind at ease.

Elegant time in a guest room with a lot of attention to detail.

All rooms are bed type. Lights, furniture, and beds are carefully selected from overseas and decorated in warm tones. The rooms are also filled with relaxing scents, and the soft space makes you feel at home to your heart's content.
There are seven types to choose from, including twin beds as well as double beds.

Good hot water quality! Experience a resort in a hot spring resort

The spa is equipped with Jacuzzi baths, steam saunas, and other unique spa facilities.
In addition, the hot spring water is drawn from the Yunogo Onsen source, so your skin will be smooth and smooth. You can enjoy a relaxing experience in addition to bathing in the hot spring, making for an exquisite time.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: Resort & Spa Poppy Springs
Address: 538-1, Yuzo, Mimasaka City, Okayama Prefecture
Phone number: 0868-72-7575
Space and Facilities: Luxurious, luxury, resort, hot spring baths.

The Shiroyama Terrace Tsuyama Villa

This hotel is located in Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture, a 10-minute walk from JR Tsuyama Station, but you can easily stay here as they provide a shuttle service from the nearest station.
Nearby is Tsuruyama Park (Tsuyama Castle Ruins), which has been selected as one of the 100 best castles in Japan and one of the 100 best cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan, and is a recommended hotel for sightseeing around Tsuyama City.

The entrance is covered with noren, a traditional Japanese curtain, and there is a spot where you will want to take a picture of the Japanese atmosphere.

Guest rooms are an elegant fusion of Western and Japanese styles.

This hotel has a total of 11 different types of rooms, including some with outdoor baths in the guest rooms, double rooms with views of the garden and the ruins of Tsuyama Castle, and twin rooms that can be used for business.
The rooms are all luxurious and well appointed, with specifications that will fully satisfy your time at the hotel.

Full range of dog-friendly services

I recommend this hotel because it has a floor where you can stay with your dog.
The elevator goes up exclusively for dogs, and the floors are separated so that dog owners do not have to worry about other guests.
The hotel also has a dog run on the same floor, so you can enjoy a great time with your dog to your heart's content and take pictures of your favorite things.

The guest rooms are fully equipped with facilities and amenities for dogs.
Dog bathtubs, hair dryers, towels, treats, and shampoo are provided free of charge. The hotel's thoughtfulness is evident in the variety of services it provides to satisfy the itch of both dog and owner.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: The Shiroyama Terrace Tsuyama Villa
Address: 30-1 Yamashita, Tsu City, Okayama Prefecture
Phone number: 0868-24-2111
Space and facilities: luxury, warmth, can stay with dogs.

one nest

This hotel was built about 60 years ago and was originally a cosmetics store.
The exterior of the building alone gives it a bit of a Showa-era feel, but the interior has been renovated and transformed into a stylish space that is hard to imagine from the outside.
Located in Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture. It takes less than one hour from Okayama Station to the nearest JR Uno Station, and the hotel is located in a peaceful port town just a three-minute walk from the station.

Sophisticated richness in a simple space

The guest rooms may appear inorganic at first glance, but this is the charm of this hotel.
The concept of the hotel is "a place and space where you can take a little distance from your daily life and face your own mind and body.
Instead of a space overflowing with things, the rooms are purposely kept to the bare essentials. The beds are made by Simmons, and the towels are Imabari towels.
This space and the tranquility, warmth, light, and wind unique to port towns create an atmosphere that gradually releases us from our busy daily lives.

A space where the owner's sense of hospitality will heal you.

The knick-knacks in the room are also items that help you find small pleasures.
Not only the attention to detail in the interior design, but also the owner's careful hospitality goods make me a little squeamish. Simple yet tasteful accessories. These are the "small pleasures and riches" of staying at this hotel.

Of course, each room has its own bathroom.
This interior is also not flashy, but it is somewhat reminiscent of a foreign hotel. The simplicity of the space makes each item tell a story. Everywhere you look, the space is stylish and relaxing.
This is the best hotel to face yourself and prepare your mind and body in this space.

A lounge where you can meet fashionable and nice books

In addition to guest rooms, there is also a lounge room at the front desk.
Here you will find architectural books and other books and magazines, which you can read in the comfort of your room. When you visit this hotel, you will surely find a book that will help you feel at home.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: Uno nido
Address: 1-11-23 Chikko, Tamano-shi, Okayama
Phone number: info@uno-nido.jp (email inquiries)
Space and facilities: Simple, relaxed atmosphere, stylish

A&A Jonathan Hasegawa

This hotel was built as part of a project aimed at reviving art and culture and revitalizing the local community in Okayama.
The building, created by Japanese architect Go Hasegawa and Berlin-based artist Jonathan Monk, already has an artistic atmosphere from the outside.
The hotel is also relatively centrally located in Okayama, as it is a 10-minute drive from Okayama Station, given the concept of "staying in the "city of Okayama "."

Although it looks like a house at first glance, this hotel can be used by couples, families, and groups as it is a single building for rent.
This hotel has received four stars in the Michelin Guide Okayama 2021. After sightseeing in Okayama, you will be able to enjoy Okayama even more by visiting this unusual and artistic hotel.

Once you enter the building, you will find yourself in a series of different spaces.

Entering through the entrance, which looks like a fusion of garden and porch, you will see a space that you would not expect to find in a hotel. You can walk up and down the stairs to and from the rooms, toilets, and bathrooms, and you can even sit on the landing and feel the bustle of the town. It is a hotel that will make you feel like a child again, as if you are playing on an athletic field.

The toilet, which is probably the longest and narrowest in Japan, may make you hesitate to enter, but considering that this is the charm of art, it is one of the spots where you cannot help but take pictures.

If you think so, the bedrooms have low ceilings while retaining a Japanese feel.
The design, which is inorganic but allows natural light to enter in various places, makes waking up comfortable.

In front of you is Korakuen Garden! Observatory bath

The attraction of this hotel is the bath.
Going up the indoor stairs, you will find a bath with natural light. And the structure of the bathroom is designed to showcase the charm of Okayama, with a view of Korakuen Garden, one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan.
The design, which incorporates the beauty of Japan while firmly retaining the world of art, will be a valuable experience that only those who stay at the hotel will be able to appreciate.
It is more like spending time in a museum than a hotel, but you can fully experience the charm of Okayama.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel name: A&A Jonathan Hasegawa
Address: 1-6-7-1, Izushi-machi, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture
Phone number: 086-206-2600
Space & Facilities: Single-unit rental, artistic space, fashionable

NAGI Kurashiki Hotel&Lounge

This hotel is conveniently located just a 2-minute walk from Kurashiki Station. We highly recommend this hotel if you are planning to explore the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Area.
Since it opened in March 2020, the exterior of the building is beautiful and stylish, looking green in the calm colors. The main services include free WIFI throughout the building, concierge service, and free bicycles.
The free bicycle service is a great way to efficiently explore Kurashiki, and the hotel staff (called concierges at this hotel) are well versed in travel, so they can offer suggestions and support for your trip even before your stay.

Scandinavian furniture and denim in the guest rooms

Rooms are furnished with a combination of Scandinavian furniture and tatami mats from local companies to create a relaxing atmosphere.
Some of these rooms are equipped with sofas and others with desks for desk work, making this a comfortable hotel where you can spend time as if you were living in the hotel.

The fact that the washbasin, bathroom, and toilet are separated is also a great feature for women. The washbasin tiles are also constructed with a Scandinavian feel, so you can apply your makeup while feeling a little more upbeat.

The use of these guest rooms is the first attraction at this hotel. The bright colors of the room give the impression that the art panels created by Okayama's leading jeans manufacturer make the entire room chic.

It is as if the entire room is one living room, so it can be used for a family reunion after sightseeing or a stay at home. This is a hotel where you can live and spend time as if you were at home. It would be wonderful to enjoy a trip to Okayama by staying at this hotel for consecutive nights.

Even the small items in the guest rooms are filled with Kurashiki love. The numerous items that make you want to take pictures of them make you wonder if denim could be used in your own life as well. I wonder if I could use denim in my own life as well.
The hotel's attitude of conveying all the charm of Kurashiki will surely make you feel that way when you stay at ......, which will turn Kurashiki into a memorable place.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel name: NAGI Kurashiki Hotel&Lounge
Address: 1-14-3 Achi, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture
Phone number: 050-5210-8506
Space & Facilities: Single-unit rental, artistic space, fashionable


This ryokan was established in 1927, and its main building is a wooden structure that has been recognized as a Registered Tangible Cultural Property of Japan.
The area has been visited by such great figures as Kiichiro Hiranuma, the 35th Prime Minister of Japan, and Tadamasa Mori, the first lord of the Tsuyama Clan, and is also famous for world-renowned print artist Shiko Munakata, who left several works at Okutsu-so.
The neighborhood is very quiet, and its stately appearance stands out, testifying to the depth of its history of about 90 years.

The front desk is full of retro Showa-era style. Warm lights and a red carpet welcome you at the entrance, creating an atmosphere that soothes the body and soul.

Rooms with a variety of fascinating expressions

There are eight guest rooms to choose from: open-air bath, pure Japanese style, and Japanese modern. Each room has a different view from the window, but they all have a calm and elegant appearance, and everything you see tells a story.
The guestrooms are designed to make you feel nostalgic the moment you enter the room. The environment is more than enough to heal your mind and body.

A collection of local delicacies

Speaking of ryokan, the food served is also a key point. Here, you can eat mainly dishes using local ingredients. There are a wide variety of courses, including four year-round menus and seasonal menus, and you can enjoy local dishes such as sosuri nabe and shabu shabu in spring and summer, and button nabe and crab dishes in fall and winter, no matter what season you stay.

Highly rated by hot spring fans! Hot spring created by nature

This inn is famous for its unusual foot-spring hot springs, where the bathtub is set above the source, attracting hot spring enthusiasts from all over the country.
This one is called "Tachiyu (standing bath) ". The bathtub is stepped, and the emerald-colored part at the far left is 120 cm long. Standing in the bathtub, you can feel the pleasant heat of the spring water as you are close to where the water gushes out from the source. When you stay at the hotel, you will surely be captivated by the pure Okutsu hot spring source, which is not watered, heated, or circulated in any way.
You may want to treat yourself to a healing experience at a historic onsen ryokan, where you can indulge in the quality onsen and delicious cuisine.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: Meisen Sento Okutsu-so
Address: 48 Okutsu, Kagamino-cho, Tomata-gun, Okayama
Phone number: 0868-52-0021
Space and facilities: Pure Japanese style space, historic onsen ryokan, serenity

Kifu no Sato

This ryokan is located in Yunogo Onsen. The exterior of the ryokan is cream-colored, and it stands out as a gorgeous building in the midst of the hot spring resort area.

The concept of the ryokan is "a peaceful place to stay where you can enjoy flowers. As the name suggests, the ryokan offers a view of a Japanese garden that changes with the seasons, and colorful flowers are arranged here and there.
The ryokan itself has a long history and is filled with each generation of owners' commitment to "Hana "and their thoughts and feelings toward their guests.

Heartfelt guest rooms that resonate with all generations

Rooms range from luxurious and luxurious rooms with an open-air bath, to refined pure Japanese-style rooms where each painting and hanging scroll is thoughtfully designed, to twin Japanese-style rooms with beds that are comfortable for the elderly to stand on.
In common, every room has the scent of wood, flowers are arranged to suit each guest, and the ryokan's attentive service is attentive to guests of all ages.
It has one of the highest word-of-mouth ratings in Yunogo Onsen, which explains why it has a high rate of repeat customers.

Enjoy Yunogo Onsen to your heart's content!

Since a private open-air bath is also available (separate fee, reservation required), you can enjoy the garden where you can experience the four seasons and the star-filled sky. Also, since there is an open-air bath available for private use, it is recommended for those who wish to spend time with their loved ones on anniversaries, at family events, etc., to fully enjoy the time spent in the hot water in the comfort of their guest rooms.
Of course, you can also enjoy the 1200 year-old history of Yunogo Onsen in the large bathhouse. The quality of the water is good, and the low temperature allows for a long soak, so many guests enjoy bathing twice or three times at this ryokan.

Delicious, of course! Dishes that can be enjoyed with the eyes

Because both the Seto Inland Sea and the Sea of Japan are only an hour and a half drive away, seasonal marine products are freshly prepared. In addition, the colorful courses, including gibier dishes and wild vegetable dishes, are sure to satisfy you sufficiently. The dishes are served on tableware featuring the ryokan concept of "and flowers ", making each dish a picture-perfect sight. This is a very satisfying kaiseki meal that will fill your stomach and delight your eyes.

"Hotel Information "
Hotel Name: Kifu no Sato
Address: 180 Yusato, Mimasaka City, Okayama Prefecture
Phone number: 0686-72-1523
Space and Facilities: Onsen Ryokan, Four Seasons, Luxury


We have carefully selected hotels and inns where you can enjoy the charms of Okayama Prefecture.
All of these stylish spaces are full of ideas from owners who have a strong love for Okayama.
It can be used for sightseeing or for special occasions such as anniversaries.
You may also want to plan your trip based on the hotels and inns you like after reading this article. When you visit Okayama, we hope you will use our hotels and inns not only for sightseeing, but also to enjoy the charms of Okayama even more.

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